Strength training for weight loss

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relevance in our time the problem of weight loss, most women seek to solve with the help of low-calorie diets, developed in large numbers.In parallel with the diet are increasingly used aerobic exercise, or cardio: their popularity is constantly growing, and in sports shops there are more different cardio - from cheap to very expensive.

weight training for weight loss
Photo: weight training for weight loss

cardio to help us lose weight and become leaner, but there are options that are significantly ahead of their performance.This strength training with weights - is to say that the best option for women experts consider them a reasonable combination with cardio.

What is the weight loss?Scientifically speaking, this process is defined as the weight loss of a living organism, deliberate or spontaneous - we are interested in the first option.But weight can be reduced (if not to take into account the water) by reducing the volume of different tissues - fat or muscle.When dieting weight is ofte

n reduced due to "shrinkage" of muscle tissue, which leads to weakness and loss of stamina, but not too much better shape as a whole.The problem is aggravated by sagging skin on the lost weight parts of the body;especially in women suffering chest - this result is unlikely anyone needs.And here can help weight training.

Strength training for women

However, many women find this type of training the male, or think that it is good for bodybuilders with huge muscles, but it is not so.Moreover, information disseminated through the media, often fueling this misconception, and a woman of strength training for weight loss do not want to even hear.

Perspective be "inflated like a man," he scares many in earnest, but should not be afraid.Nature has arranged everything wisely - so that the woman was always "itself": the level of estrogen in the female body is such that it will not allow the muscles to grow and swell.However, if you do build muscle purpose, it will: for that woman will have to work with heavy weights - much more than 15 kg and use a special sports nutrition, including different types of proteins.

weight training for weight loss
Photo: weight training for weight loss

If you eat properly - as in conventional "female" training, and do strength training, fat burn and muscle mass increases gradually - most 500 g per month.Many are afraid of the fact that in the first months of training increased weight - 1-2 kg, but there is nothing to fear: the body unaccustomed to the power load, and fluid accumulates in the muscles - you need to help him get rid of it.After training, take a warm bath with sea salt and do massage;in a few weeks when the body starts to get used to everything goes, "just right."

Another misconception stemming from the first: weight training - not for weight loss.This is not true.When muscles are active, calories expended, fat burned: body fat is taken from the energy necessary muscles to withstand the load and be strengthened.The rate of metabolism is increased much more pronounced: compared to cardio after weight training, it is 15% and even 30% higher.

fear of damage to the joints, too, has no basis.Joints in women is not as strong as men, but you can repeat only dangerous heavy weights - no one forces you to work with them.Small and medium weights for women pose no risk if the right to exercise and engage in "without fanaticism."

Why is strength training for weight loss?

little more to increase the rate of metabolism.After strength training, it remains elevated for many hours - even calories burned during rest.Under aerobic classes this does not happen: the fat consumed, as long as you are moving rapidly, but after the workout metabolic rate is rapidly becoming "as always".

next positive thing: muscle mass during strength training is strengthened and not lost, as in the diets or cardio enthusiasm.Often, trying to improve the results, women are trying as much as possible to engage in cardio or run over longer distances.If this is done for the sake of endurance - everything is fine, but the desire to "lose weight more" can lead to loss of muscle mass;also observed parallel low-calorie diets, so that not only takes fat.For example, you can rejoice, losing weight 4-5 kg, but with high-intensity cardio is almost 1/2 of the weight is usually muscle mass, which is then very difficult to recover;Fats also come back "once or twice."

Results special studies have shown that long aerobic exercises plus a low-calorie diet result in a loss of muscle mass twice the same exercises in the normal part of the power.However, in the latter case, too, there is a weight loss twice slower, but with the least losses;moreover, in the first case by 10% and decreases the metabolic rate - can get into the "vicious circle".

Combining cardio and weight training for weight loss, you can: get rid of the fat;keep the muscles and improve their condition;make my body stronger, tougher, stronger and more beautiful.Diet while not bring harm to the muscles, but in addition, you can take sports nutrition - for example, with fat burners L-carnitine, chromium, omega-3 fatty acids, etc., Or vitamin and mineral supplements for women with soy isoflavones.

weight training for weight loss
Photo: weight training for weight loss

combination of cardio and strength training for weight loss

Experienced trainers recommend 2-3 times a week to deal with both cardio and power training views.They can be alternated by leaps and can be done in one day or even in a single workout.An excellent option instead of cardio training in the sports hall will be walking or jogging in the air, cycling or swimming.

Strength training should be designed to work almost all muscle groups - then the effect will be the best.Engage with the weights can be free or on simulators, but it's important to exercise lasted no more than one hour and not less than 40 minutes.Standard set of strength training is easy to find online, but beginners better deal with the coach - at least the first few workouts.

Strength training for weight loss: the rules

However, let's say a little bit about what to look for beginners.

Within a month worth of weight without exercise, learning the proper technique.

Then you need to choose the right weight: it should be such that an approach you might do 12-15 exercises, gradually bringing their number to 25. The fatigue must be felt by the end of the approach - then the weight will definitely be reduced.

At the beginning of training is no fatigue to perform more complex exercise;problem areas to be worked out thoroughly - then other muscles can be given a lighter load.

After training should definitely perform stretching exercises to allow your muscles to recover.

And still need a good rest, normal sleep and competent food: without complying with these conditions weight training will be ineffective and even dangerous to health.

Nutrition for strength training

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