Food for weight loss during training.

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Caring for the harmony of shapes, most people usually do not combine diet and exercise to lose weight.Someone does not want to give up favorite foods, including sweets, flour and fat - such people often seek to compensate for the high-calorie food increased physical activity, doing all the trainers in a row;while others are willing to starve for weeks, just to "do not torture yourself," gymnastics, fitness and other sports "entertainment."

This behavior leads to a temporary success, or even fails.Observe the low-calorie diet for a long time can not do everything, and it is impossible to do, and exercise without changing diet only exhausting, giving notable results.Therefore, those who have decided to actively exercise - here it is about them - you need to reconsider your diet so that it helps to get rid of the fat and at the same time to strengthen the muscle tissue: then the body will be beautiful, slim and fit.

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Photo: nutrition for weight loss during training

Nutrition during training: what to give?

Exercising for such purposes, you need to eat, so that every day to spend a little more calories than they consumed with food.It seems like a simple task, but few want to count calories, so you can choose certain foods, and stick to this diet, without losing "from the true path."

first say that there can not be.First of all, the food is salty, smoked, fried and sweet: its consumption leads to fluid retention and accumulation of fat in the body.Sweet drink, including juices with sugar, too, should be excluded, as well as simple carbohydrates - white bread and pastries.Semi-finished products, canned food and other "ready to eat" products, manufactured industrially, not only does not contribute to weight loss, but generally harmful to health: if you decide to train for beauty and harmony, it's time to wean them.

What is necessary in the diet to lose weight during training?

Of course, most of the body in such cases need protein.In our everyday life, natural proteins should also be a large part of the diet and an active lifestyle and regular workouts, they become vital.If the protein is small, the weight will start to fall, not because of reduction of fat reserves, and due to loss of muscle mass, which for most of us, and so is not in the best condition.This weight loss will lead not to the beauty and flexibility, and weakness and Haggard - it's not the result we need.Therefore

menu should be sufficiently low-fat, fat-free but not protein.This dairy products: milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese.

Food for weight loss during training
Photo: nutrition for weight loss during training

about cheese a little more.Normally it offered to choose the hard cheese, hard cheese but often different salinity and sharp taste, but also contain a lot of calories.Rather, you should choose any cheese with low fat and salt as cheese and Adygei, but can be soft or semi-soft;of hard cheese calories least some varieties of Edam.

obligatory eggs - especially proteins and highly desirable to have a diet of meat, fish and seafood - of course, if you do not advocate vegetarianism.Vegetarians also - particularly strict, it is necessary to eat more legumes and nuts, and to include in the diet soy products: tofu, soy meat, soy milk.For example, after the workout drink vegetarian protein cocktail: whipped into a blender soymilk (200 ml), soy bean sprouts (100 g), 100 g of fresh berries and non-acidic 1/2 banana.

from carbohydrates, except for fresh fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to choose the "difficult" options: brown rice and other whole grains, bread flour whole grains, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes, homemade jam or marmalade.

fats in free form is better excluded from the diet altogether: that is, to give up butter, cream and any greasy food;should not be afraid that the body does not have enough fat - he will get them enough cheese, nuts, milk, etc.

If you are not used to drinking water, trainings are unlikely to succeed.Toxins, "rasshevelivayuschiesya" under intensive loads should be quickly washed out and the cells must have enough clean water: to drink it is necessary not only before and after exercise, but also during it.

Food for weight loss during training
Photo: nutrition for weight loss during training

Eating before exercise

fat-containing products, such as cheese, before exercise is not to.Not only does fat interfere with the absorption of protein and carbohydrates, it is also a cause while having stomach problems and to nullify all the efforts.

an hour and half an hour before training you can eat boiled chicken breast or piece of turkey with brown rice or protein scrambled eggs with porridge of oatmeal or low-fat beef with stewed green peas and carrots.More recommended to drink a glass of unsweetened natural coffee or strong green tea, to reduce fatigue and accelerate the consumption of fat during exercise.

If you eat a salad or vegetable soup, it is better to do for 1.5-2 hours before a workout to the stomach did not feel "of volume."Just before classes do not need to eat anything.

the whole menu of the 1st half of the day workout can be.

  • morning: oatmeal (2-3 tablespoons), apple, low-fat cottage cheese (150-200 g), tea with milk.
  • 2nd breakfast: orange, 50 g cheese (or 100 grams of cottage cheese), low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: boiled dietary meat or fish (250 g), fresh herbs, a small portion of pasta.
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs or yogurt, or fruit or vegetable salad.
Food for weight loss during training
Photo: nutrition for weight loss during training

More experts recommend exercise to have products such as potatoes, nuts, beans, lentils, wheat germ, celery, parsnips and other greens.

If you exercise early in the morning, do not eat at all, but those who can not deal with an empty stomach, you can eat a little low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, or drink green tea with honey.


after training After training, the muscles need protein and carbohydrates to recover.When can I have?

Opinions differ: some believe that, ideally, take any food and even drinking water may be no earlier than 2 hours, and other experts recommend that in any case, do not wait and start to eat 20-30 minutes afterclasses.For example, drink a carbohydrate-protein mix of low-fat milk and honey (1 teaspoon) and half a banana.In a few hours you can eat baked potatoes 1-2 with fresh herbs and yogurt;for dinner - boiled squid or shrimp (200 g), steamed broccoli and yogurt.

Food for weight loss during training
Photo: nutrition for weight loss during training

Alternatively, after a workout drink juice are high in carbohydrates - grape, peach, apricot, mango, etc .;next meal - a salad of fresh cucumbers with dill and white cabbage, boiled meat or fish (200 g).In the evening - yogurt and green tea.

quality vitamins and minerals will help supplement the diet.

weight started to go in the period of intensive training is necessary to eat little and often - 5-6, or 7 times a day: two breakfasts, lunch, afternoon tea, snack, dinner, and if you really want to eat before going to bed, light meal (drink) at night.At the same time in a number of recommendations it highlights the importance of a sufficient interval between the last meal and bedtime: a break shall be 3 hours, or at least not less than 2 hours.

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