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Great Nikolai Amosov, Russian Academician and "doctor from God," was firmly convinced that it is necessary to maintain the health of their own, and all life, not from case to case.

Medicines and all sorts of "panacea" does not help those who shifts the responsibility for the condition on someone else: of course, there are temporary improvements, but "to work for a cure" is necessary for life.

Modern citizens suffering from mental stress and physical inactivity, like to talk about a healthy lifestyle.However, most people come home from work, relax on the couch watching TV or doing household chores within the apartment, but still proud of the fact that sports and other "stupidity" they have no time - busy today "through the roof" is often considered to be oneof the components of success.

But to usual walk to find the time is not so difficult - it can make any man no matter where he lived: to go out and walk a couple of blocks.However, it should be done regularly, a

nd if a healthy lifestyle will cease to be a theory, but to "organize" and to dedicate ourselves to the constant activity of few can.

Perhaps the fact that we just do not know what the miraculous properties have regular walking, dreaming and use other activities - such as exercise equipment, fitness, and even bodybuilding, considering them more useful and efficient.The effectiveness of these activities can be no doubt, but they often remain "plans", but you can walk in any day - literally, start today.

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walk: what is the use?

The benefits of walking has written many articles and books.We will try to briefly recall the main advantages of this simplest form of physical activity.

With normal walking can not only maintain good health at any age, but also to treat many diseases, including severe insomnia, depression, stroke, asthma, impotence, low back pain and osteoarthritis, hypertension and even cancer - aboutthis later.

Spine - the support of the whole body: to it "suspended" the vital organs and it also operates a network of nerves - the quality of life depends on the health of the spine in the first place.With regular and proper walking foot cloth spine increasingly saturated with oxygen and get more nutrients, toxins and poisons are displayed - the vertebrae and intervertebral discs rejuvenated and strengthened.

Our brain in a modern "business" life is suffering enormously - walking and it allows you to get more power, dramatically improves blood circulation, stimulates the weakened connections between neurons and stimulates their work.

Regular walking in fresh air more than 2-fold reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, as trains the heart muscle and blood vessels.Varicose veins have walkers too rarely: while walking muscles are active, and blood circulation improves.

constipation and other digestive problems are common among people working "on the clock" - here walking will help improve bile secretion and intestinal motility.

very useful walk in diabetes: the movement has a positive effect on metabolic processes - the level of insulin and blood sugar begins to aspire to normal.This occurs because the cells become more sensitive to insulin, and glucose does not accumulate, but is spent.This process affects the maintenance of a normal body weight.

Improving the quality of sleep - not least the importance of improving properties distance.We often attach little importance to the process of sleep: in our country have long been held in high esteem by those who "enough sleep and enough to eat", giving "himself to" work for the good of society, and the old stereotypes are not easy to fade.

But the quality of sleep directly affects our physical and emotional state, stress resistance and performance - many modern employers are unlikely to enjoy exhausted, tired and nervous employees.

and possible cure cancer with distance.British scientists have known for his research in the field of health and longevity, recently we concluded that a daily 20-minute walk at a normal pace can significantly - almost 40% - to extend the life of people with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer,30% greater chance of recovery.But the likelihood of relapse - the return of the disease is reduced by 1.5-2 times, so turn a blind eye just not worth it.

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How many kilometers and time to walk to lose weight

This topic interests of both women and men.And really - walking is a great way to get rid of excess weight.In just 15 minutes, if you walk leisurely pace, burned 100 calories, and accelerated walking for an hour helps to spend more than 300 kcal.

to begin the process of losing weight, you have to walk at least half an hour a day at a speed of 6 km / h: this speed when it gets hot, and the person begins to sweat - if it does not, the effect you can hardly wait.True, increase endurance and improve health, but "melt" accumulated fat is not so simple: the muscles have to work as much as possible.

At the same time the basic condition for success is considered to correspond to the load state of health if you are tired and feel bad, you are likely to wag his hand on her figure and give up employment for a long time.

Within 2-3 months you need to walk every day, and at first at a normal pace - about 70-80 steps per minute.Counting steps is inconvenient, so it's best to have a pedometer - at least the most simple.Around the end of the third month you can add pace, and 3-4 weeks to learn to walk at a speed of 110 step / min.A perfect indicator for constant harmony is considered to be a step 130-140 / m: if walking every day for an hour at such a pace, the problem of excess weight will disappear forever.However, continuous training are not available to everyone: if you were forced to take a break, have somewhat lower speed, and to return to the once achieved success gradually, so as not to turn in favor of harm.

walk: machinery and where to go

can not go on a full stomach, and stooping to breathe haphazardly;better to remain silent so as not to bring down the breath;If there is shortness of breath, it is necessary to reduce speed, but do not stop.The spine is held upright, pull the stomach, shoulders straighten, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.Mouth breathing can be, if the air is clean and not too cold, and be sure to have a bottle of clean water.

right place foot - rolls from heel to toe, presenting that instead of the soles of your balls;bend your arms at the elbows, and move to the beat of the steps - it helps to use more muscles and increase speed.

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Walking through the bustling streets of gassy and no inspiration.Choose parks, alleys, quiet streets without cars, or go to the town square: there are a lot of viewers, but this should not concern you - relatively clean air and quiet environment is more important.In addition, you can have fun and provocatively submit another fine example of a serious attitude to their health.

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