Cardio to burn fat.

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burn fat and lose weight nowadays want almost everything: Unfortunately, active lifestyle has become a rarity, and the rhythm of work and life in the big cities contributes not slim figure, and obesity and the development of diseases.

Most experts dealing with loads of health, cardio considered one of the best methods used to get rid of fat accumulation.This type of training can be considered universal: it can deal with practically everywhere - in the gym, at the stadium, in the park, in the yard, in the apartment, and even in the hallways, using the stairs, as the simulator.

From the title it is clear that the impact of this form of training is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system: the heart muscle and blood vessels are trained in terms of aerobic glycolysis - the process during which the oxidation of glucose.As a result of this process, the cells release energy, and the heart does not feel overload: unlike anaerobic ("airless") training is a gentle m

ethod.Common types of cardio - it's running, cycling at a certain speed, swimming, outdoor games, fitness, etc.

Cardio for burning fat
Photo: cardio to burn fat

to burn some fat and lose weight, you must deal with on a regular basis, 3-4 times a week for 40-50 minutes.

Some types of cardio to burn fat

security and simplicity - the distinctive features cardio steady state or continuous.This means that the load remains the same throughout the workout, and the interruptions are made.For example, you need to run continuously for 20-30 minutes, or an hour, on the street or on a treadmill at a speed of about 7 km / h - for any level of fitness.

If cardio alternate, called cross-training: this style is good because it eliminates the monotony and does not get bored.For half an hour workout 10 minutes alternately engaged on a treadmill, elliptical trainers and bicycles.During warmer months, the training room can be easily replaced jogging and swimming - well, when there is a natural body of water;In winter you can ski, ice skating, sledding or just play in the snow, walking over rough terrain, etc.

Cardio for burning fat
Photo: cardio to burn fat

to suit any level of fitness and interval training - with the change of the intensity of the load.For example, run: 2 minutes can be run at a speed of 8 km / h, and then 3 minutes - at a speed of 5 km / h - is the rate usually quickly walk away, and during this time pulse and breathing have time to recover.The intensity of the load must be alternated throughout the workout - usually up to 40 minutes, but few people better prepared to start with 15-20 minutes.

Superskhema - a set of certain types of exercises that alternate in the optimal sequence - here everyone adapts "at random", trying one thing after another.For example, 3 minutes of running on a track, squats for one minute, elliptical - 3 minutes, dewatering - 1 minute and again.This method of many coaches called the most effective fat burning, and it suits both professional athletes as well as beginners and amateurs: in a short time, the subcutaneous fat is destroyed, but at the same time formed muscle mass - it excludes such an unpleasant side effect of weight loss as sagging skin.

What type of cardio to burn fat considered the best? Of course, the one that gives you more joy and pleasure.When exercises are performed according to the principle "as necessary", they rarely yield results above average: just because our lives and so we too often guided by this principle, and relax and have fun is rare.

If you include all these types of cardio in your weight loss program every week, alternating them, you do not bother to do.And, you can connect your favorite sport: maybe you like tennis, volleyball or riding a bike - all this gives the opportunity not only to relax and avoid stress, but also to spend time with loved ones, family and friends.

Proper nutrition during cardio

Cases when with regular training and sufficient intensity is not too pleased with the results - even low-fat diet does not help.Because of this, many are disappointed, cast cardio and begin to look for other ways of losing weight - take a miracle fat burners or other advertised drugs.It turns out that the composition of the diet is important - it should be planned so that the body is "not afraid" to spend fats - and a meal - should not eat later than 1-2 hours before the workout, and sooner than 1-2 hours after.How to eat to get the best result?

recommended to build your menu so that it lacked low-fat protein - a dairy products, cheese and cottage cheese, fish, white meat - and complex carbohydrates - grains, beans, pasta from durum wheat, berries, fruits and vegetables.A small portion of this food you need to eat for an hour before training - for example, a piece of chicken with boiled vegetables, but first, for about 20-30 minutes, to drink clean water - about 0.5 liters.

2 hours after exercise can again drink of water, and later eat protein shake.There are special recipes, but at home you can prepare a cocktail of conventional products: cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit, yogurt, honey, cinnamon and others.

Cardio for burning fat
Photo: cardio to burn fat

Here is a recipe protein cocktail with oatmeal,grind in a coffee grinder.2 tbspflakes pour warm milk fat middle, rub on a grater half an apple, all mixed and add 1 tsphoney, though it is possible and without it - so reduced calorie content.A cocktail will taste better if you beat it in a blender.

Lunch should also consist of protein and complex carbohydrates, afternoon snack - fruit and dinner - again from protein.The mineral products should pay attention to legumes, fruits, berries, green tea and cocoa - they contain substances that stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight.

However, there are a few other options: for example, if you exercise early in the morning, you can eat 30-40 minutes before class: a slice of low-fat cheese, bread or whole wheat cereal, yogurt, banana.During training are allowed to drink clean water, the cells do not suffer from dehydration, and after 15 minutes it is recommended to drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice or eat fresh fruit - so replenish muscle glycogen to muscle endurance is not reduced.And after 2 hours you can eat dairy products, fish or meat.

general recommendations can not be precise: to develop an individual diet should help the sports physician or trainer.However, do not forget that you are training to improve life and not wear down himself to the limit of constant training and diet.

cardio contraindicated in diabetes, oncology, postpartum and operations, colds and infectious diseases.Running should not be noticeable to people with excess weight - 20 kg, as they have because of the load can be broken leg joints - for them to fit a fast race walking for weight loss.

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