Biking for weight loss and fat burning.

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In our time, created a lot of techniques that allow to adjust the weight and get rid of excess fat accumulation, but well-selected physical activity remains one of the most effective ways to lose weight.Diet supplementation, various transactions and other advanced capabilities leaves the body without proper load: because of this skin after weight loss may remain slack, and muscles - weak, which does not correspond to modern notions of beauty.

walk to fitness, the gym and even in the pool is not that at all - not enough time, and for practicing at home do not have the patience.Besides doing the exercises in an enclosed area of ​​a city apartment is quite boring, and this situation does not have - there are always chores.

But on a bike ride like many people, and not alone, but with friends or in the company: it is much more fun and interesting, and the fresh air is good for;Moreover, the "sit for a long time," the flats we always have time in the winter.

With the arrival of the heat, many people remember what they used to be good "drove a bike," and with age this ability is not lost - the truth, sometimes you need a little practice.Ordinary cycling not only improve mood and health, but also perfectly burn calories, lose weight and helping to create a more harmonious, strong shape - they should not be "discounted".

Biking for weight loss and fat burning
Photo: bike for weight loss and fat burning

Biking for weight loss and fat burning

The bike is so good for weight loss ?Regular cycling helps the body become fitter and improve immunity, develop and train the coordination of movements, improve the condition of the lungs and blood vessels, strengthen the heart muscle - we can say that this is the best form of cardio.In addition, these unobtrusive cycling training allow most admire nature - even if the city - and to chat with friends or even make new contacts - at the current lack of communication is the most important advantage.

When we go on the bike, the heart begins to beat faster, and metabolism is also faster - it is clear that it requires energy expenditure and calorie cost.We also begin to breathe more often and deeper, and the cells get more oxygen and it contributes to an early breakdown of fat.During active pedaling it released a lot of energy: the body begins to get rid of excess water, releasing it in the form of sweat, and when you exhale.But fats are broken down not once, first spent "fast" carbohydrates - a sugar found in the blood, and the "hold" on it the body can approximately 30-40 minutes.After that, he "gets" to the fat reserves, and gets its energy from them: to get about 9 calories, the body should be split 1 gram of fat.

Cycling allows you to burn 250-800 calories per hour , and this figure will depend on many factors: the time of year and climate, weather and the nature of the road surface, speed and slope of the terrain, as well as individual human data - age, height,weight, health, fitness level, etc.

course, riding over rough terrain will give a noticeable result: if you go up the hill, on the sand, pebbles or all of the time to change the speed, power consumption will increase.For example, if a minute to go at top speed, and then a couple of minutes to go to a quiet pace, metabolism accelerated significantly and the achieved level will hold for 1-2 hours when skiing is over.In the city it is difficult to find the rugged terrain, but to complicate the drive, you can use weights, putting them on the ankles: they are now produced different, from 250 g to 5 kg of weight.In the modern bicycle with an additional set of change gears, it is best to install the most difficult to cycling former most effective for weight loss.

Biking for weight loss and fat burning
Photo: bike for weight loss and fat burning

How to ride a bike to lose weight

first briefly about the bike.There are rules of his choice, but above all we must remember that you are not going to pump up the muscles of the legs and lose weight - there will gear system.When you can control the amount of rotation of the pedals, it is easier to choose their load: the legs are not very tired, but the calories will be expended in any case.

Learning how to sit on a bicycle - the first thing to do: if not landing right driving becomes impossible, and the effect of exercise will not be enough.The trunk should be directed almost parallel to the ground: the wheel will have to be omitted, and the seat lift - leg while driving should be straightened completely, otherwise they will be able to relax and start to hurt.This fit is good and that allows to give sufficient load muscles of the buttocks and abdomen.

Biking for weight loss and fat burning
Photo: bike for weight loss and fat burning

now about where and how to ride a bike.Better to start gradually to get used to not need to strive to master steep climbs and descents, if you have not done this before - ride on a flat road, away from busy highways.On flat stretches of road, increase speed - so fat will be burned faster and try to ride on the area with a soft and smooth terrain where there is a gentle climbs and descents.

regular classes on a bike for weight loss - the best guarantee of success.Do not ride the whole day, when "there is a time": Try to ride a bike every day, for 15-20 minutes, and to highlight the start of three days a week.When the muscles start to get used to the load should be increased by the addition of the time: ride for an hour, and then 1.5 hours, and do not miss a workout - but you no longer want to do without them.

Rotate pedals too quickly, too, do not need to: Do ​​not forget - the purpose of exercise is weight loss, rather than pumping up the muscles in the legs, so 80-90 rotations per minute is sufficient.Track "correctness" workout, focusing on the driving speed;well, if there is a sensor: an optimal effect is obtained at a speed of 15-25 km / h.On foot you need to press the place where the foot goes into the fingers, and not by the fingers and heel.

effective workouts on the bike for weight loss

Skating should be combined with other physical activity - for example, normal aerobics, and follow the diet.Bicycle exercise is unlikely to help you lose weight if you're hoping to burn calories coming through them, will eat fried chicken and pastries.

Generally an hour before exercise and for hours after she did not need to eat anything - this is the minimum amount of time.But drinking can and should be, but in any case no tonic or soft drinks: going to ride, take it with a bottle of pure non-carbonated water.Try to drink before, during and after exercise on a glass of water.

from time to time go to the bike and roll it near - it is a beautiful view of exercise for weight loss.Leg muscles will not be able to quickly get used to the stress, and calories burned during a workout will be even greater.The muscles of the arms and the back, on the contrary, will be able to rest: so you will be able to ride longer, but will get rid of congestion and problems with health.

Biking for weight loss and fat burning
Photo: bike for weight loss and fat burning

Reviews of losing weight with the help of the bike also say that here is important to regularly.Those who rides on weekends, were not able to lose weight, while others managed to get rid of 1.5-3 kg per month.When the load increases weight loss (if it once) usually lasts, and those who continue to ride at the same pace, the weight does not come back, and the figure - especially pop and hip - become slim and toned.