Pulse to burn fat: what should be and calculation (formula).

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in the difficult task of forming a slim figure plays a key role heart rate, or pulse, but most people know little about it.It is from the heart rate determine the effectiveness of any exercise and loads: with the exception of the pulse, and to engage in "just so" - which is what many dieters - classes will be exhausting nightmare and weight will remain almost unchanged.As a result, a man tormented ineffective workouts, throws them, and either remains "under his" or gets new health problems: such people are often opposed to sports activities.And just something you need to learn and support during exercise optimum heart rate for fat burning, and the results are not long in coming: the extra weight slowly but surely begin to leave.

Pulse to burn fat
Photo pulse for fat burning

pulse for fat burning

at different heart rate occur in the body are completely different processes: training the heart, increases stamina or build muscle tissue, but to lose weight you need to burning fa

t reserves.Therefore, it is necessary to count the pulse so that the fat during a workout actually burn - this is called a calculation for ZSZH, or fat-burning zone.

The most accurate way of calculating the pulse these days is to use Karvonen formula.The method was developed in the XX century by the famous Finnish doctor, physiologist Martti Karvonenom, closely engaged in the research work of the heart and blood vessels during sports and other physical activities.

To use this method, you need to know your heart rate at rest: it is necessary to strictly measure 60 seconds, and it is better to do it in the morning, as soon as the woke up, but not yet started to run around the apartment, going to work.So you can see how you shape and define the acceptable intensity of exercise: The lower heart rate at rest, the better.

Note that resting heart rate is dependent on the floor: it is men 60-70 beats per minute, and is higher for women - 70-80.This rate typically increases with age.It is considered that the average - about 72 beats per minute;if it is lower, it is also good.

Next you need to determine the maximum heart rate, to know any boundaries, you can afford to reach the training.It is also simple: among the 220 subtract your age.For example, you 35 years: 220 - 35 = 185 bpm (beats / min).This formula seems simple, but you need to take into account the level of their training: those who have just started, it is better to subtract another 20 - this will be the maximum allowed.

Newcomers better to start with aerobic workouts, and only then think about losing weight.You must first improve the functioning of the heart, blood vessels and lungs, lower cholesterol - it is sufficient to adhere to the pulse rate of 55-65% (or 60-65%) of the maximum.

To speed up your metabolism and start the process of fat digestion, require pulse rate is 65-75% of the maximum score.A higher percentage - from 75 to 90, the pulse area is considered "not for the fans," and the load to 100% - this is extreme.

Pulse to burn fat
Photo pulse for fat burning

To calculate ZSZH still need to know your heart rate reserve .From a high of must subtract resting heart rate: 185 - 72 = 113 beats / min.You also need to choose the level of intensity of the workout, but it should not be too low or high: it is allowed from 60 to 80% of maximum.Low intensity is considered to be 60-65% - the fat will still be burned, but slowly;at 65-70% of the process will go faster, and will be accelerated with an increase in heart rate - up to 70-75, and then - up to 75-80%;the last level is considered to be very intense for weight loss, and improve it is not recommended.

Newcomers better to start with the lowest intensity.Hence, a heart rate reserve must first be multiplied by 60% (113 x 60 = 67.8%), followed by 65% ​​(113 x 65% = 73.45).Now in turn we add up the results with resting heart rate: 68 + 72 = 140 beats / min;73 + 72 = 145 beats / min.Therefore, the allowable heart rate for fat burning zone is 140-145 beats / min.Do not forget that the calculations are still rough, as was based on "generally accepted averaged" indices.

Once you stop being a rookie, and the body "lured" into the rhythm of training, you can move on to the next level of intensity.And in order to regulate the heart rate during training, you just have to increase or decrease the load: it can be learned only over time, so that the exercise should be regular.

Overall Karvonen method is simple, but to monitor heart rate during exercise is more difficult.However, in modern simulators "see everything", but simulators are not all: for example, while jogging on the devices do not look.Of course, you can use the heart rate monitor, but precision instruments are not cheap, and Heart Rate Monitors Wrist experts consider ineffective, therefore the majority of dieters prefer to deal with is "by eye".And here you can use the "conversational" method.

load intensity without accurate heart rate calculation

Regardless of whether we believe or not a pulse, its frequency changes, and monitor presence in ZSZH (approximately) can be guided by their feelings.

Pulse to burn fat
Photo pulse for fat burning

So, being in ZSZH at the lowest, gentle load during fast walking for weight loss or gentle exercise, we can talk, breathe easy and not even sweat -just a little warming up.Such loads (which include yoga and Pilates) to help strengthen the heart and muscles of the body, and also calorie "burn", but very slowly, provided regular training for a long time.

But zone of moderate loads is considered ideal for burning fat and losing weight .A little talk during load is obtained, but no more;There are almost no contraindications;We have to deal with regularly, at least 3 times a week for 40-45 minutes.Jogging is precisely this kind: so easy to run, and the fat will be burned sure - of course, if the training "will be included in the system."Dance and step aerobics are also considered effective moderate loads.

Elevated load, with profuse sweating, difficulty breathing, and inability to speak suited to those who trains endurance, and not wishing to lose weight.There are not burned fat and glycogen - a polysaccharide, which is required organism, as a backup energy source.If you want to become fitter and train the heart, such a load intensity can also be used, but in the absence of contraindications, so that specialist advice is required.

Training in the anaerobic zone, where it becomes very hard, and it seems that it is impossible to breathe, forcing the body to burn fat is not, and carbohydrates, and muscle protein.Fats also "burn", but their expenses are 5-6 times smaller.For 30 minutes a load can bring themselves to exhaustion: slimming such classes are not shown - they fit athletes.

about extreme load you can not say, but should still remember that during training heart rate of 90-100% of the maximum can be health and even life - unfortunately, such cases are known in the sports practice.Fats also during this load can "burn" only 5%.