Walking for weight loss.

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Modern man, almost devoid of connection with nature and normal physical activity did not differ good health and stamina.You can regret it and lamenting discussing this issue with friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee and a bun, and it is possible to find an acceptable way to keep yourself in good shape and not gain weight - in addition to the kilogram, which is already available.Not everyone manages to visit gyms, fitness clubs and even a swimming pool, but we all know how to walk since childhood - with this and you can start.Walking is not prohibited to anyone - this type of load can be called universal, and even a daily half-hour walk at a fast pace can help to significantly improve the well-being and health.

Walking for weight loss
Photo: walking for weight loss

benefits of brisk walking for weight loss

How useful regular brisk walking?In addition, this simple type of load allows you to actively consume the extra calories that we now get more than enough, walking has sti

ll many beneficial and curative action.It leads to normal levels of cholesterol and insulin levels, blood pressure, prevents the development of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, reduces the impact force on the body of stress and overload, strengthens muscle tissue, increases the amount of muscle, etc.

Technique walk slimming

Walking for weight loss is different from the "simple" walk not only the rate but also the equipment.

First you need a few minutes to walk at a normal pace to warm up the muscles.Gradually, the pace is accelerating: it is necessary to straighten the shoulders, tighten the abdomen, and go quickly - at the speed of about 6 km / h.How to determine your speed?The simplest way to do 120 steps per minute (or 2 per second) - it is easy to calculate.

Another way to learn "correct" the pace: while walking you should be prepared to talk, but not sing - if you can sing, you have to add step.

work should foot the whole: it is necessary to put the heel first, then roll over on the toe and pushes harder - working with both feet equally.Ideally imagine his foot round the ball, you want to roll on the ground - from heel to toe: so you will be able to use up more calories and maintain a healthy spine.

Posture should be smooth: back straight, shoulders deployed and hanging freely, so keep your head to look forward, not his feet;tummy tucked, buttocks too.

walking tempo is accelerated not by increasing steps: simply put one foot faster, helping himself with his hands, bent at the elbow at 90 ° C - do not have to press them to the body.

Walking for weight loss
Photo: walking for weight loss

to slow down at the end of walking should be gradually, so as not to hurt the muscle: slow down the pace and walk slowly up until your heart rate is back to normal.During the walk, try to breathe through the nose.

Before you go for a walk, to drink a glass of water and take a small bottle: Periodically you can do a few mouthfuls, to avoid dehydration.

How to make walking for weight loss effective?

effect of brisk walking will increase, if you observe a few simple rules: first it is necessary to control yourself, but then you get used, and everything will turn out well "on the machine."

very important equipment, namely - shoes.Now on sale a lot of stylish and fashionable shoes, but their appearance - is not important, but the sole should be moderately flexible, and easy to bend;if necessary, put a soft shoe insoles.Clothes can be any - if only it was convenient, but it is better not to be wrapped up even in cold weather, try to wear a smaller - of course, everything is within reasonable limits.

Walking for weight loss
Photo: walking for weight loss

walk should be every day, or 5 times a week, at a convenient time in the morning is preferable - experts say that it's faster fat loss, but it is better "to go" evenlate than not to go at all;however, no later than one hour before bedtime.It is enough to walk at a brisk pace for 3-4 days for half an hour, 2 days - 45 minutes, and in one day - for an hour, at least this week, but if you can longer do so.

To walk is better to choose quiet place: well, if there is an outdoor stadium or park, rough terrain from the hill, or even the street where traffic is limited.Ideally, you want to go on soft ground, but in cities with this problem, so once again we recall that the footwear should be as comfortable and sporty.

Track Pulse: why is it necessary?

Track pulse every day is not necessary, but occasionally it is necessary to do, to know and to adjust its frequency.The fact that at too frequent heart rate the body begins to consume carbohydrates, not fats, and instead of to lose weight, you will feel weakness and fatigue.Of 220 must subtract his age, and the resulting number is multiplied by 0.65, for example, 30 years will allowable frequency of 125 beats per minute, at 40 - 117 punches, etc.

Walking for weight loss: the more, the better

How long does it take place in the day to feel better and lose weight? enough to improve health 2-3 thousand steps, and there will Pedometer: Now on sale there are a variety of variations thereof - even counting calories.Without pedometer will have to "read" kilometers, and is dependent on the rate of physical parameters, for example, a woman of small stature have done about 1,500 and even 2,000 steps to go 1 km, and for the ladies and men's high all will be totally different.

If the goal - losing weight, will have to walk more - up to 10,000 steps a day.This is an average of 7-10 km, and this figure may at first scare, but should start with smaller achievements.Choose a part of the way in which you're not too tired, measure its steps, and then add this segment to a little - by 500-400, 200-100, or even steps to "get involved" gently and painlessly.Walking should not be your duty or a necessary evil - on the contrary, it should bring joy and fun.

about different kinds of walking for weight loss

Once walking several kilometers a day will be the norm for you, you can - if you want - to move on to more complex forms of it.

Walking differs from the usual higher rate and step size: Steps should be frequent and small, need to go as a single line, moving to the beat of his hands, bent at the elbows.

If you want to enhance the buttocks, thighs and legs, walk up: Look for any slope where you can climb up or climb stairs - of course, the first option is better.

Thighs and butt will fit and trim when walking stretch the buttocks - at the moment when the foot leaves the ground.The back should be relaxed.

If you want to strengthen your back muscles and more, try going backwards.This kind of distance can not be safe, so it is better to practice in pairs with someone (one goes forward, the other back, then me) to have a "safety net";You can do this on a perfectly flat and free tracks.Keep your hands on the belt and to go slowly at first, gradually adding the pace.

master all these types of walking, you can alternate them during walks - every kind of use for 5-7 minutes, and in a manner to achieve the best result: lose weight, improve the shape, health and well-being.

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