Interval training for weight loss and fat burning

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Among the many methods of industry health and beauty began to gain popularity interval training: This method is simple, but produces brilliant results in a very short time - a modern man, loaded and employed "over your head"it attracts precisely for these reasons.

These types of training called interval, developed and researched by specialists for nearly 100 years.At first they were used in professional sports, but now they have started to use to burn fat and lose weight.

Training is a series of intensive exercise, alternating with light exercise, or rest: thanks to this rest for a short time, the body can perform a lot more than when training with the usual duration - this is the essence of the method.The method of effective and simple, but not easy: interval training is very expensive energy, so a certain level of training is necessary.

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Photo: interval training for weight loss and fat burning

What can give us the interval training for weight loss and fat burning

First of all, they help build stamina for several weeks of training the cardiovascular system adapts perfectly to loads.That is why they are used in professional sports: hockey, football, cycling, running, etc.Interval method allows to strengthen the heart muscle and improve the condition of all the other muscles of the body.Number of fat while decreasing, but muscle mass is not lost, but still growing: ugly layer of fat are replaced with attractive tubercles muscle.

For most people, however, main advantage of interval training is their brevity .For example, training for a known method Tabata takes only 4 minutes: this saves time - a very important plus.As built

interval training for weight loss and fat burning

Not all workouts are short, but the longest ones usually last no more than an hour.Periods of heavy load can vary greatly in length.Brief last 15 seconds long - 10 minutes or more, but it requires short periods of maximum effort.Therefore, you need to start interval training with longer periods of lower intensity of the load, but generally it depends on the state of health and physical fitness.

From the outset, it is important to monitor the pulse: it is the main indicator, which are oriented coaches - heart rate, and heart rate.In short periods, requiring a lot of energy, heart rate should be no higher than 90% of the maximum for age indicators, and its average rate of this should be a maximum of about 70-80% - this is normal.

During a rest period or a reduced load pulse should decline - its frequency may be about 60-70% of the maximum.More rare heart rate during exercise is not allowed: sudden changes in the future may cause persistent arrhythmia.

approximate scheme of interval training might be: load (1 min) - rest (45 seconds) - load (1 min) - Holidays (1 min) - load (1 min) - rest (75 seconds) - load (1 min) - rest (1.5 minutes).For beginners, there is the relationship of 1: 3, when the rest period (reduced load) three times longer than a period of intensive training.

How often conduct interval training for weight loss

two times a week is enough - especially for beginners, and then you can add one more exercise, but not anymore: a rest between workouts is necessary for at least two days.Interval training should be combined with other types of activities - aerobics, strength training, etc., as they are not interchangeable.You can train a few weeks interval method, and then go back to those kinds of activities to which you are accustomed.Two months later course of interval training can be repeated.

Program interval training for weight loss

Program, or types of training can be selected, focusing on the opportunities.Currently developed programs for trainers: interval training can be carried out on the stepper, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc .;Trainers with computer programs are convenient in that they exercise such schemes have already been laid - just choose the one you want.In other simulators is not difficult to set up a program manually.The principle must always be the same: periods of intense stress alternate with rest.

Interval training for weight loss and fat burning
Photo: interval training for weight loss and fat burning

Of course, women are particularly interested in the influence of interval training on the process of weight loss and fat burning.We can say that this method is recognized by many experts as the most effective.Get rid of excess weight can be faster than with conventional training - aerobic - with a relatively low intensity or anaerobic - are carried out at the lack of oxygen due to muscular energy.

interval method When fat is not only rapidly consumes but almost ceases to be deposited in the muscles: the body does not seek its store because it includes certain mechanisms.Extreme load, albeit briefly, forcing the central nervous system "to conclude" a dangerous situation and the need for survival and weight prevents the reaction rate and mobility.After receiving this information, the brain begins to actively restructure the work of all systems in such a way as to direct all the metabolic processes to maintain the maximum lightness and slimness of the body.Within 20 minutes of interval training, you can spend 3-9 times more calories than 40 minutes of normal fitness.

About Tabata method, named after the Japanese experts, it's worth saying a few words.At the end of the last century, the doctor conducted a study at the Institute of Sport, where he worked, and got a great result: 4 minutes can burn fat 9 times more than during the runs, is a popular way to combat obesity.Exercises can choose any example, jumping, squatting, twisting press, push-ups and pull-ups, and run each of them as fast as you can - for example, 25 sit-ups in 20 seconds.Rest - not less than 10 seconds, and then again an exercise;all should be 8 periods of exercise and rest - should get in 4 minutes.Increase rest periods do not need to: the effect of reduced training and increased fatigue will all end.

Interval training for weight loss and fat burning
Photo: interval training for weight loss and fat burning

Contraindications and restrictions for interval training

in cardiovascular and other chronic diseases are contraindicated interval training, so you should consult with your doctor.Consultation is desirable for beginners who first recommended aerobic workout for 2 months, although this period is considered to be minimal.It is not necessary to consider interval training easy way to lose weight, which can be used as they please: as a rule, they are designed for those who are prepared for them, but today the opportunities for "ordinary people" become more and more.Therefore, should consult a professional trainer: at least begin interval training should be under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

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