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Exercise after vaginal delivery settled almost the next day, if a woman feels good, and the birth process went without any complications.Unfortunately, in our time, a normal delivery are rare, and many women are aware that such a birth trauma, lacerations and surgical incisions crotch.However, the joints after injuries and operations of these heal relatively quickly - in about 2-2.5 months, and then we can engage more actively, and actively.

But when allowed after kesareva sports section?

Health and beauty standards

in this form the majority of women usually ask about the possibility to exercise varying degrees of intensity.They explain this by the fact that the standards of beauty are now demanding that the modern woman looked a certain way.Often, slender beauties captivated photos in magazines and popular television images of the participants, telling all about his success, the young mother rushing to join the gym, go "swing", jogging or other sports, sugges

ting considerable load.Appearance in this case becomes a core value and health takes a back seat.

Doctors are unanimous in this respect, and argue that even active fitness after cesarean section can not be resolved sooner than six months.You can start with light exercise - gymnastics, charging - about 2 months, and before that to carry out a soft and gentle training, such as Kegel exercises.Strain your abdominal muscles after a caesarean section in the first months in any case impossible.

Sport caesarean
Photo: Sport caesarean

What is called sports?

When asked about the possibility of doing sports after a caesarean, you usually have in mind is not a sport, physical training classes.Perhaps we should still understand what is what.

fact that the purpose of sport and physical education are opposed, and today it is difficult to argue.The main purpose of sports is to win over rivals, so the workouts are held on certain programs and stringent standards, and all life is subject to them.Loads are carried with the colossal, and the body of them are often not only stronger but also much suffering.Perhaps it is no secret that many well-known athletes just could not have children after being defeated in numerous competitions and won "gold" at the Olympics.

Fitness also has as its main objective is improvement: regular classes help to restore health, strengthen and develop the entire body;This load must be gentle and bring joy and not to harass and take away energy.

physical activity constantly no need - there are no rigid rules.Of course, regular employment is essential to success, but in any case not to the detriment of the health - and these should be guided when deciding whether athletic or sports activities after cesarean section.

Sport caesarean when possible and to start

So, if we call the physical education activities, where it is necessary to start classes after cesarean?And what sports are allowed, and what - is strictly forbidden?

Approximately 1.5-2 months, you can start with a warm-up: how physical education classes in regular school, but even softer.This walking and tilts in all directions, swings his arms, circular movements shoulders, head, exercises for the hips, knees, ankles, etc.A peaceful walk on a home stepper and even classes on home exercise bike is also not prohibited.

energetic squats and high kicks better to postpone, but more can be done in a month, and they, as well as push-ups in different ways.

Once all of this will be given to easily connect other sports.In some cases, classes can begin in 3-4 months, but doctors usually prescribe to wait up to six months.Sport, approved 6 months after cesarean, called the different types of dance - especially Eastern and Latin American;swimming;Pilates - strengthening the muscles;yoga - relaxation and recovery of energy of the whole body.

Those who want to part with the excess weight, it is recommended to do water aerobics: the load in the water is much safer - trained muscles and joints do not suffer.

Sport caesarean
Photo: Sport caesarean

allowed and race walking at a fast pace, and you can go to the fitness room: for young mothers now developed a lot of special exercises, and do them better in the presence of a coach - he will always helpCustomised load.

How sport can not do after cesarean

Even after half a year after giving birth by caesarean section should not engage in sports, serious heart and muscle loads.A woman's body moves the operation is not as natural childbirth: it just seems that everything turns easier and easier, but the reality is more complicated, though outwardly it is imperceptible.When something starts to happen, "not by nature," there is always the complexity, and the effects can manifest themselves years later, so it is better to recover fully, and then think about the active sport.

after Caesarean should not be playing tennis, football and volleyball;to engage in an active cycling, heavy and light athletics, running, going to the many hiking, skydiving and participate in other extreme events.

seems that about skydiving can not mention - who comes to mind is?However, experience shows that women decide on it, and more, wanting to "do not lose shape" or even "keep up with the others."Strict prohibition, as a rule, is not, and most doctors are unlikely to expect such questions from their patients: they just rely on their common sense, but it is not always present.On the women's health such sports can affect negatively, not to mention the fact that from such activities could rapidly deteriorate the quality of breast milk, or it may disappear altogether.

Many women like restoring shape the waist by a hoop: start spinning it can also not earlier than six months.Lightweight plastic wrap, weighing about 0.5 kg can rotate within 1.5 months, but heavy "hula hoop" with massage nozzles, spikes can damage health.Catching up with the hoop, it is necessary to seek to increase range of motion, and not try to accustom your body to withstand his blows - this is just an extreme sport.

Sport caesarean
Photo: Sport caesarean

Breathe and move more quickly recover

help special breathing exercises.They are made immediately after discharge from the hospital, and even earlier.For example, 10 times a deep breath-feeding, holding his stomach fixed;then, holding the seam hands 10 times to breathe stomach;10 times gently tensing and relaxing, pull into the muscles of the perineum and abdomen.

When a child begins to walk, often walk with him without a sidecar in convenient locations - in a park on the boulevard or simply closed courtyard.Interestingly, babies often begin to run "suddenly" for the parents, and that's when extra weight go quickly: after all, children constantly have to catch up, and to be next to them, helping them learn about the world.

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