How to remove the stomach after cesarean section: Nutrition and Exercise

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Caesarean section is now ceased to be a rare operation, and the reasons for this is called a lot.

say that our generation is physically weaker than the previous ones, that even in young women many pathologies - not just a narrow pelvis, and high blood pressure, and eye disease, and a weak heart."Caesarean" appointed not only in absolute medical indications, but also concerning: scars on the uterus, the fetus is too much weight, etc.Whatever it was, a lot of Russian women today give birth by Caesarean it - 18 to 28%.

Not surprisingly, the question of the return of the physical form after the transaction occurs more often.Pregnancy and childbirth are always reflected in the figure of a woman: the muscles of the abdominal wall are stretched tightly and return them to their former condition can be difficult.Sometimes belly droops considerably, and to train and swing the press, as after a normal birth, can not be a long time: even Pilates at full strength after cesarea

n section can begin no earlier than six months.Seams should heal completely, both outside and inside: to monitor the process and make sure everything goes well, you should visit your doctor, and do an ultrasound.If the doctor is not active in resolves, you can "start from afar" - with proper nutrition.

How to remove the stomach after cesarean
Photo: how to remove the stomach after cesarean

Meals after cesarean

so happened that special diets for lactating mothers is almost there: we'll have to follow the general guidelines, listening to your body.It seems superfluous to remind of vitamins and minerals, to exclude from the diet of sweets, pastries, fatty and smoked foods, but many women just allow yourself to all these "snacks", the excuse that "very much want."As a result, they gain extra weight, saggy belly and depression.

In the first 3 months after childbirth should be fed so that the body gets less than 3000 kcal per day.However, to produce enough good milk and fewer calories, but women somehow think that we must continue to "eat for two" - by the way, during pregnancy, this approach also does not lead to anything good.

The diet must be fresh milk and milk products, cheese, fruit and vegetables, dietary meat (beef, rabbit meat), eggs and cereals.It does not have heavy cream, sour cream and mayonnaise, all the more in an effort to increase the fat content of milk: the child benefit it will bring, but he just stomach ache may be, and even allergies appear.Foods that cause allergies, is now greater, should be excluded from the menu preserves and chocolate - it is also to avoid the accumulation of weight.And anyway, it's time to remember a separate feed.

But the well water should be drunk enough - up to 2 liters a day, unless there is increased lactation.Possibly need to eat regularly, up to 6 times a day, at the same time;snacks should be avoided.

How to remove the stomach after cesarean
Photo: how to remove the stomach after cesarean

How to remove the stomach after cesarean section: strengthens muscles

While we can not exercise, you can use a proven way - to wear a bandage.This will help tighten your muscles and helps to reduce the uterus;You can wear a brace in the first days after surgery, when the well-being will improve.Even the usual stomach tied up with a towel or a diaper, you can partially restore muscle tone and prevent their further extension, but the bandage easier and more efficient.Wear it costs about 2 months, and then you can go to the corrective underwear: sometimes from it a little bit sore abdominal muscles, but it quickly passes.

In addition, you can just pull in the stomach during the day: first, it would be annoying, but then becomes a habit.You could also try sleeping on your stomach, if such a situation acceptable to you: the muscles will recover faster than the uterus is reduced, and the stomach become flatter.

Tighten the stomach and contrasting wraps, but they can do only after consulting your gynecologist.First, the stomach is wrapped with a towel soaked in cold water, and then - in the hot;Scrub is applied, and then a nourishing cream.Scrubs can be used most simple and safe, for example, ordinary table or sea salt mixed with olive oil - rubbed the skin easy to redness, and then wash off the scrub with warm water.Instead, you can take sea salt freshly ground organic coffee (coffee grounds) - effects on the skin will be softer and gentler.

You can use anti-cellulite creams, but it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and make sure that breastfeeding will not bring harm.Speed ​​means better not to buy: they often contain ingredients, which action could have a negative impact on the composition of breast milk.Try to find a cream, designed specifically for nursing mothers - now there are cosmetic series.

Walking with a child outdoors also helps to tighten the stomach after cesarean section.Go to need as quickly as possible - as it turns out, at least for an hour.

Gradually you can increase physical activity: do side bends or just play with the baby - of course, all this must be done with caution.

How to remove the stomach after cesarean section: exercise

Once permission is obtained from the doctor, without delay, start an exercise for the abdominals;first follow them slowly, avoiding sudden movements.But better to start with a more benign types of physical activity: for example, riding a bike or swimming pool.There are also post-partum aerobic exercise, women's yoga, water aerobics, and other options.

as gentle and safe exercises you can choose ups pelvis - they performed 7-8 times per set.Lie on your back, arms at your sides, legs bent, feet leave the floor.Taking his hips off the floor, lift your pelvis up as work - at this time of reduced abdominal muscles.At the highest point it must stay for 10-12 seconds and to return to its original position.

more effectively at an early stage exercise with sliding feet.It is necessary to lie on the floor as well as in the previous exercise, but put the foot as close as possible to the buttocks.Slowly at first, with pressure on the foot slides on the floor with one leg - up to full extension;the abdominal muscles at the same strain.Then reset and exhale;the same is done with the other leg.Perform 6-8 times.

following exercise is more difficult.

Standing, feet shoulder width apart;inclination to the right, the right hand slides down as far as possible - to prevent pain.The same - in the opposite direction.Exercise great muscle tightens the waist and press.

Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, his hands clasped behind his head.Slowly raise and lower the whole body.Repeat 6-8 times;perform several times a day.

How to remove the stomach after cesarean
Photo: how to remove the stomach after cesarean

Lying on your back, slowly raise the straightened legs, straining the press only.Do not try to lift the right leg high - let it be the distance from the floor on which you are capable of without undue stress.Gradually increase the range of motion, the muscles of the lower press department will be strengthened, and the fat layer in the stomach is reduced.

All exercises should be carried out regularly but not "through force": do not seek to effect rapid and resistant to the positive result.