Fitness after delivery: when and where to start

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Save slender figure after pregnancy and childbirth succeeds few women.Someone added kilos less, someone more, however in most cases the figure of the "spreads" to one degree or another, and joy to women it does not deliver.

Losing weight after childbirth is one of the favorite women: women are discussing the issue with friends and relatives, at work and at home, with neighbors and even with unfamiliar ladies - the desire to once again become slim and toned unites all.

Fitness after childbirth
Photo: fitness after childbirth

Treat yourself seriously

most common method of weight loss diets are considered - choose any, but after childbirth, and even during breastfeeding, this method is absolutely not suitable.The body and so a lot of sustained stress, with strong and rebuilt their hormones to produce breast milk, so it is necessary to restore the shape gradually, and only sparing methods.If the "hit the ground running" with great zeal, you can not just leave the child without milk,

but also disrupt your metabolism and restore it later will be very difficult, and not the fact that it is generally able to do.Therefore seek "urgent to lose weight after giving birth" can in no case, however, and wait for the "weight go away by itself," too, should not - there can help fitness.

When the young mother can begin fitness after childbirth?Doctors on this question often give evasive answers, and you can understand that there is no general recommendations for all women - each carries the pregnancy and delivery differently.

easiest way to those who are engaged before pregnancy and even during it, as well as those who have passed the birth naturally and without complications.

If after the birth process had stitches or a caesarean section was carried out, best to consult your gynecologist - the restoration of all the same passes differently.Mental attitude is also important: the result will be much better if you do not lose patience, even when the old form back very slowly.

fitness after childbirth - first training

Any load after childbirth should be gradual.As soon as you can go with the baby for a walk, try to do it every day, starting at 20 minutes.If the weather is not suitable for walking with a child, you leave yourself at least for some time physical activity is important and walking - a great way to get rid of excess calories.The pace of walking is necessary to change: first, go slowly, then quickly, etc .;it is desirable to overcome the slight ups and downs.

Fitness after childbirth
Photo: fitness after childbirth

after normal births fitness classes can begin in 1-1.5 months - gently, and after caesarean section or surgical incision of the perineum is best to wait about 2 months- tissue in places of seams should fully recover.

However, there are exercises that can and should be performed immediately after returning home from the hospital.The pelvic floor muscles recover faster and become elastic by Kegel exercises.Several times a day you need to slow breath straining muscles of the vagina as much as possible, and then for a few seconds, hold your breath and exhale slowly to relax the muscles.You can take several approaches 5-6 times a day, and do the exercise several times for one approach, seeking to bring to a 20. He developed these exercises in the middle of the XX century American physician A. Kegel.

to tidy up the uterus, well do simple exercises with fitball - high elastic ball.Gynecologists even advised him to sit and feed the child chest is made with the soft circular motions with his hips.

will be useful and breathing exercises: You can find different kinds, but after birth they will approach where alternate breathing thoracic, abdominal, fast and slow.

After such exercises will be much easier to do fitness, but full training will be possible to go in 3 months - if the birth was without complications, or about six months, if the doctors had to intervene in the natural process.These terms are not rigid and depends on many factors - the doctor here will help.

Now exemplary set of exercises after childbirth.

Exercises for the first classes

  • First you have to warm up: 5-7 minutes vigorously like on-site or in the room.Flapping his hands, too, will help to warm up.
  • universal exercise is squats.First, better squat against a wall or other support, lightly holding on to it - it's easier to get into the rhythm of classes.You can start with one approach, and in the days of doing 3-4 sets, 15-20 squats.Exercise will help strengthen the muscles and spend the extra calories.
  • Twisting press diagonally doing lying.It is necessary to lay down on the mat - on his back, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees, and raising the body and right leg up, try turning the body to the right, touch left elbow to right knee.Then take a starting position and repeat to the other side.
  • next exercise is called the shoulder bridge.Lie on your back, bend your knees and pull them close to him.Gently lift the hips up off the floor as long as the floor will not only blades, head and foot, and then lower yourself slowly to the starting position.
  • Standing on the floor on all fours, arches his back like a cat: exhale flex up and inspiratory - down.
  • To strengthen the triceps performs a reverse push-ups - for example, on the couch.They do so: the sofa have to stand back, then sit down and put your hands on the edge with your fingers forward.Legs slowly move forward, then inhale and slowly bending your elbows, lower yourself to the floor.Thighs should go straight down and turn his shoulders parallel to the floor;Then straighten your arms while exhaling.

Finally, follow a few breaths, and stretch the whole body a few times.

fitness after childbirth: the main soft and gradual

Do not forget that during the period of breast-feeding should not be carried too active exercises.Lactic acid is released by the body during stress, will not bring any benefit of the young mother or child: if it gets into the milk, its quality will deteriorate.Aerobic exercise in general can reduce the amount of milk: this is not at all, but it is better not to risk it.

But Pilates suit everyone, and even benefit: abdominal muscles, pelvis, hips and back will be strengthened gently but effectively - Pilates is recommended even after spinal injuries.

Fitness after childbirth
Photo: fitness after childbirth

to restore pelvic days will be good not only Kegel exercises, but also women's yoga.Asanas in this type of yoga performed taking into account the characteristics of the female body: they are soft, smooth, and develop flexibility so safe that they are allowed to perform even in old age.

Consult your doctor should be at least twice: before training and one month after they start.It is necessary to ensure that fitness really goes in your favor in all respects.And of course, lessons should be regular: only then will you get the desired result.

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