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Buying a home treadmills welcome, not all our fellow citizens, and can understand that the apartment we are not too large, and often even small-sized, so do not want to clog the living space incomprehensible objects.Many people buying the simulator, and then regret it: it takes place, and to engage in it no one wants - laziness, and time is short.However, trainers are different: Now there are those who take up little space and, and help to lose weight, and easy to deal with them - for example, the steppers.Name of the simulator is derived from the English word «step» - «step", so doing it, you just have to walk as if on the steps, but observing certain rules.

Benefits stepper health

Stepper - a small trainer, but the health benefits and beauty brings considerable .During the lessons it work many muscles in our body: first of all, that the leg muscles, hips and buttocks - women often refer to these parts of the body problem areas.Stepper helps to forget about pr

oblems: doing it regularly, you can get rid of the ugly "breeches" and make slim legs and strong.

Most women are well aware that such a cellulitis, and dream to get rid of - most often affects the cellulite thighs and buttocks.Using stepper in combination with anti-cellulite cosmetics can be just one month to improve the condition of their skin - it will begin to level off, and the "orange peel" will disappear.

Get rid of the wrinkles on the abdomen - it is also the dream of many, and stepper can help here too: if the motion of walking performed correctly, abdominal muscles also worked and trained.Now popular steppers with levers - they allow you to train and strengthen not only the hands but also the muscles of the chest and back - well, actually work almost every muscle in the body.

Of course, as a result of regular exercise improves the condition of the muscle tissues of the body - and strengthens the heart muscle, and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems begin to work better and more efficiently - in fact refers to the cardio stepper.

Home Gyms are often used for weight loss, and a stepper is no exception: it is designed for aerobic exercise - this kind of loads allows you to expend a lot of calories, burn fat and keep the body in good shape.Aerobic exercise - this exercise strengthens the heart, blood vessels and lungs: with the fat is burned and muscle mass is normal.This type of load allows to normalize high blood pressure, reduces the effects of stress and prevents the development of heart failure.A 30-minute lesson on the stepper let you lose about 250 calories - if it is to engage in medium intensity.


How to deal with stepper

How do need to deal with stepper , to improve the health and learn how to burn calories?

Please do stretching exercises - they should do before any exercise, but for some reason we forget about it.If

training first, then deal with more than 15 minutes is not worth it, otherwise the muscles can get overloaded - such duration should be kept within the first week.

To be effective it is important to exercise proper posture.Stepper can be with or without handrails: in the first case, remember that your body weight is shifted on the rail does not - need to relax your hands;Second - you need to stand up straight, with a slight tilt forward, but do not bend your back, knees and hold free - no need to reduce them close.

Some people think that if they will quickly "to walk up the stairs," this will help burn more calories, but it is not - this pace will tire the muscles and calories to spend less.Feet must be on pedals fully - if they hang, even a little, it loads the joints, and can contribute to their deformation.

During training slow walking is necessary to combine with a deep step.First, the pace should be slow, then accelerated and alternate, and by the end of the exercise it should slow down again, and finally again to perform stretching exercises.In the 2nd week of the duration of sessions can be increased to 20-25 minutes, and by the end of the month you will be able to freely engage in about an hour.That's fine, but the muscles to stress stepper get used quickly, so lessons must be combined with other types of loads - so you can quickly achieve the desired result.

If you are 3 times a week, duration of training may even be more than an hour - in the event if it takes place in slow motion.However, many people like to do every day, for 15-20 minutes, and it is also effective - only classes must be regular.

rotary stepper - Enhancing employment


Recently went on sale new models of steppers called pivoting.Instead, they provided handrails expanders, and it allows to increase the load on the muscles of the arms, chest and back - during training, they worked very seriously.The load on the abdominal muscles and the muscles on the side of the body also increases, and therefore the rotary steppers help to lose weight quickly - provided that you are able to adapt to them and to sustain the load.Loads on this stepper adjusted automatically if the speed of the exercise is increased load also increases and decreases if the speed of the slow.There is also a rotary steppers without expander;and in fact, and in another case, the price in comparison to conventional exercise equipment, about the same, but the effect on employment will be more clearly - just have to choose.

Sport stepper benefit, if you will remember and abide by certain rules.No need to start training earlier than one hour after a meal;do not take the medication right before training;you can not train in the evening before going to bed - must go through at least 2 hours so the body can relax and have time to have a rest;breathing during exercise can not delay - have to breathe evenly and deeply.

Pros and cons of steppers

In stepper has advantages and some disadvantages.The former include its small-size - it fits perfectly in the closet or under the bed, which is important for small apartments - and versatility: it not only allows you to maintain a healthy weight, but also helps to recover after a serious illness, operations or fractures;stepper exercises may be appointed as physiotherapy in the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis.Price stepper - the same advantage as compared to other simulators it is much smaller.

the negative side, they may well be correct.Some people are afraid to deal with stepper, because they are stretched knee ligaments - it occurs when the knee when walking takes a wrong position.This is easily avoided by referring to the start of the course of training the advice of a professional trainer.

specific contraindications for employment stepper there but serious diseases of the joints and of the musculoskeletal system - in this case it is better to choose a special simulator.