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Today is no surprise exercise bike, and yet they were not so long ago - about 20 years ago, in the 90s of XX century.Prior to that, these trainers trained only professional athletes, but now such training available to all - should only buy a subscription to a fitness club or purchase a home exercise bike.

How useful exercise bike?

lessons on a stationary bike, first of all, train our heart and blood vessels and lungs: this type of training is called cardio and exercise bikes belong to the group of cardio.

It is easy to conclude that the increases and the overall physical endurance - what does it mean?The organism becomes more stable and the disease is not so easy to him "dump": Prevents hypertension, atherosclerosis, infectious disease, obesity, strengthens muscles and bones and joints, back out stress and fatigue.

course, engaged on a stationary bike must be correctly: even for a healthy person training can be harmful, if it does not comply with the basic rules

- see below.


Benefits bike

Now you can briefly consider the benefits of training on a stationary bike, think about which not all people.

For example, if a person already has a bike, he believes that in the street skate useful.Ideally, this is the case, but from that ideal today we are very, very far.In addition, the bike is not at all, it is worth remembering that in our climate and our roads riding on them throughout the year is very difficult.Ride a bike through the streets are not as safe as we would like, and it's not just motorists frequently violate the rules: the air in most cities is so dirty that the training of the street you can get a bunch of other diseases and chronic stress.

advantage is the fact that the exercise bike allows you to control the load: at home using special equipment, and in the gym, there is also a professional coach.Loads can also be the same, but "standing" to adjust their bike still easier.

How to deal with on a stationary bike

Those who sat on the bike for the first time, should begin with the development of regulations, without complying with that training will not be effective, but still can bring harm.

need to sit straight, do not strain, and do not hog too: the state should be natural and relaxed;It can be slightly rounded shoulders, as if you are riding against the wind.

Many people try to move your body weight on your hands, because it is easier to pedal, but this is wrong - hands should be relaxed.

load on leg muscles should be uniform, so you can send your knees slightly inward or forward, and to keep the foot parallel to the floor - it just can not happen, but it is necessary to be patient.

lowers his head is not necessary - keep it straight, and look forward as if traveling on a normal road.

Clothing and footwear for employment are important, too, although people often think that you can do at home "what got" - even without shoes, or thin Cheshkov.Work needed in conventional light shoes (you can buy velobotinki), and wear shorts and a T-shirt - they will not interfere with moving, and they sit comfortably on a stationary bike.Wide pants that we love to wear, will not work, but you can wear tight - even ordinary Russian sports "tights."

But how to lose weight on a stationary bike

And now that we are most interested in how to use an exercise bike for weight loss?After all, these machines are often bought for this purpose, although the train should be in any case, even if you are in great shape - nowhere to wait until you lose this form, but most people "differently arranged brains."Simulators that help to lose weight, a lot, and cardio in this sense similar: any one of them allows you to get rid of excess calories, if the load is sufficient, but the effect of different training will also be different.If you want to get rid of belly fat, you better use a drill press, as the classes on a stationary bike is best to burn fat on the thighs;Of course, to reduce stomach and waist is also possible, but this would require more time and patience.A fear that the leg muscles are too inflated, should not be from pedaling muscle tissue is not growing, but becomes stronger and more elastic.

How correctly engaged on an exercise bike to lose weight?

First of all, do not turn the bike in more detail of the interior - such as in the rack.Work must be regularly: make yourself a schedule and stick to it, no matter what happens - you should not detract any "important" and "urgent" matter.Schedule need be reasonable - it must match the characteristics of your health, and did not have to cancel the training because of the weakness and poor health.If you're not prepared, start with a short 15-minute workout, and choose the load average.Once you get used to that rhythm, you can move on to longer training - 40-60 minutes, and the load increase.Work should be 3-4 times a week, but the interval between sessions should be at least a day, so the body time to recover.

To reduce weight, it is necessary to add a low-calorie diet to training - it's pretty hard, but the results are encouraging.

training system is to alternate: so you are less tired, and you will not be bored - the load can be uniformly or interval when quiet periods alternate pedaling more intense movements.

Programs can choose to: selecting a simulation ride on a horizontal surface, it is possible to develop endurance and better muscle will be strengthened by using a program simulating rise uphill.

important condition - orientation to the pulse rate.There is a detailed explanation of how to calculate, but briefly it can be said that the pulse should be not less than 65 and not more than 80% of maximum.Such a device, like a heart rate monitor, not only allows you to control the heart rate, but also shows the number of calories we spent - it is very convenient.When overweight often suffer from joints and spine - an exercise bike can reduce the burden on them, unlike the treadmill, which is also popular among dieters.


harm and contraindications bikes

Can classes on a stationary bike harm?Yes, if engaged in a haphazard manner, to ignore the overload or too difficult to choose the program.It often happens that a person buying a treadmill, begins to actively train, but after 2-3 weeks the enthusiasm fades: the muscles are overloaded and the body protests and training "through force" can cause aversion - and that's when the coveted sports equipment turns into anotherpiece of furniture.

impossible to deal with on a stationary bike for hypertension, angina, asthma with regular attacks, tachycardia, some diseases of bones and joints, heart disease and other heart diseases;with acute exacerbation of chronic disease, infections, colds and flu.

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