Rowing machine.

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Rowing machine

rowing machine - is one of the simulators, which can be installed at home.It does not take much space and affordable.This unit can be useful for different purposes, in particular, and for weight loss.However, the main direction of the work of this simulator - the work on the back muscles.Nowadays a lot of slender girls and women.But postural situation worsens every year.Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle leads to a curvature of the spine in different directions, stoop, osteochondrosis.From the health of the spine it depends on the general condition of the person.Curving often lead to a decrease in brain activity, metabolic disorders, poor digestion, and many other unpleasant diseases.A beautiful posture - is the key to a good figure.Even overweight may not be as noticeable, if a woman beautiful straight back.In this case, the breast looks and higher volume, stomach pulled in, shoulders proudly unfolds.I do not even own walk.

What rowing machine

So, what is a rowing machine? This device, which allows you to simulate rowing a boat.Using it, you repeat exactly the same movements that have made rowing oars.In some models, you can find funny details that bring you as much as possible to the real conditions of rowing.Handles in the form of oars, and built the front fan, which simulates a breeze.

now rowing machines produce two types - mechanical and magnetic.The first fairly simple and cheap.But the magnetic stand several times more expensive, but also have more features.They allow you to easily change the load, operate smoothly and quietly.

Benefits rowing machine

It's no secret that the rowers are very beautiful and courageous figure.Broad shoulders, a strong back attracted the attention of many of the fair sex.Of course, we do not need such an effect.Yet rowing machines are equally useful for men and women.

When working on the rowing machine are utilized muscles of the back, the shoulder complex, the press and even hips.Thus, almost all the body works.Due to such pressures fat is burned slowly and evenly.And being replaced by pretty strong muscles.Regular exercise improves endurance, helps to stimulate the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, can speed up the metabolism, which is also necessary for burning fat.

Since training on the rowing machine regulate the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they are referred to as cardio stress.Therefore, they can be combined with strength training to increase the effectiveness of fat burning and muscle building.If you just need to strengthen the body and give it an attractive look, we can restrict the rowing machine.

is believed that the rowing machine increases the muscles in her arms.In fact, when used properly load is distributed evenly between the muscles of the back, the press and the shoulder girdle.Therefore, we can not be afraid of the effect of "big hands".The only limitation - a back problem.However, with such a small curvature of the load does not interfere.On the contrary, they will strengthen the back muscles and straighten the spine.But better to start training under the supervision of an experienced person who tells you how to stay, pick up and carry the load movement.

have rowing machines weight advantages .This is the optimal combination of price, quality and ergonomics.Places they take a little bit, but their efficiency is higher than that of conventional exercise.To understand the operation of the simulator can even a child.Modern magnetic models have a built-in computer control system, which allows you to quickly and easily change any settings.You can design and install an optimal training program.But the main advantage - it is indispensable for weight loss.In one small workout can burn about 800 calories.It is recommended even for people suffering from obesity.

How to deal with rowing machine

there are some rules on the rowing machine training .You should begin with a light warm-up.Make a simple charge of the exercises that will stretch your joints, warm up your muscles.After that it will be easier to start "rowing", the risk of getting lost tension.

is very important during exercise is no slouch.The back should be perfectly smooth.Tilt back should be as far as possible.The angle of the back and the floor should be about 45 degrees.This will distribute the load evenly.

Do not make any sudden movements.Any deviation and reset should be performed smoothly and quickly.It is important not so much the number of approach and speed as endurance training.You should feel every muscle.

When you "rowing", try to transfer power from the back to the buttocks and thighs.But his knees too strain is not necessary.

optimal training time - 50 minutes.During this time you should do 3 sets of exercises.Each lasts 10 minutes, the rest time between them - also 10 minutes.Untrained people should start with a brief training.You can set a time to suit yourself.Gradually you can increase this time, and with it - the load.Classes should be regular, daily.Suffice it to skip a day, followed by another and another.And the whole work will be done in vain.

What affects rowing machine

After a month of training you will notice the first results.Any regular exercise improves health and mood.You will feel that the body has become stronger and more flexible.You will improve skin color.If there is inflammation, they will decrease or even disappear, will begin to produce more collagen, responsible for the youth of the skin.

a few months your body will become an attractive relief.Back will be a straight line, the movement - graceful.They can even leave some diseases associated with passive way of life.You will be less worried migraine and pressure differences, will have more energy for movement and new cases.But the slim figure tightened uplifting every woman and attracts admiring glances from the opposite sex.

Catching up on rowing machine regularly, you can be sure that your respiratory and blood circulatory system are in order.You are free to prevent many diseases and keep a youth, spending just one hour a day for exercise.