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monitor their health - not only easy but also enjoyable.If you want to strengthen your immune system, lose weight and improve your health, not necessarily to torture themselves in the gym or running in the morning.Remember how you loved to splash in the water in his childhood.It does not matter whether the bathroom with ducks, a river in the village or the clear blue sea.Water always gives a lot of positive emotions and helps improve health.And we do not need to wait for summer to swim for fun.The pool can be booked at any time of the year.And to go there, you need not too many things - a towel, cap and bathing suit.

pool to health.Use of the pool


Swimming in the pool can solve a lot of health problems and make your appearance more attractive.What is so useful?

Doctors around the world acknowledge that swimming has a positive effect on the entire human body.Especially useful it is for correction.Water aerobics is considered more effective than usual.When dri

ving in the water activated large muscle groups, so the impact on the figure has more uniform character.Because of the water formed in proportion to the figure.

Also swimming is useful for people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system (especially the spine).Various swimming reduces the load on the intervertebral discs and strengthen the muscular system, creating a beautiful posture.

The pool body is under complex loads .That is to activate not only certain groups of muscles and the heart, lungs, joints, and bones.That is why professional swimmers consume even more calories than strength athletes.But it did not gain a single gram of excess weight.When sailing speed of burning calories higher than the loads in the gym.Remember the "brutal" appetite that one experiences after swimming.

the fair sex are usually more concerned about the attractiveness of their appearance.And here, too, the pool will serve pleasant service.The fact that classes in the pool are not aimed at building up the muscles and to increase their stamina, which makes the body more fit and lean.The muscles of the abdomen, arms, shoulders, hips and buttocks are tight.In addition, the joints become more flexible, thanks to the even load distribution.

often happens that people who are not able to because of poor health to engage in the gym, can afford lessons in the pool.Swimming is allowed to people who have a lot of excess weight, joint problems and back, and even pregnant women.Water supports person, so many loads it easier to withstand.In addition, water aerobics and swimming - the safest sports.The water is almost impossible to become a cripple, of course, if you are not going to make jumps from the bridge, dive or do other complex shapes.

But this does not end the use of the pool.Swimming is also good for the circulatory system.During the classes in the water is reduced blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases.During the voyage back to normal heart rhythm, improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of the heart muscle and blood vessels.Also, swimming has beneficial effects on blood flow and oxygen exposure.Swimming is very beneficial for lung health.During the lessons in the pool activated the largest area of ​​the lungs, which improves the body's resistance to lack of oxygen.

Another advantage of the pool and swim - a relaxation effect.During swimming water creates a sort of massaging effect, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.Swimming is considered one of the best remedies for insomnia.After swimming the body experiences a pleasant fatigue, increases the overall tone and emotional background.

Pool slimming

Swimming pool - is a great way to lose weight .However, not everyone, swimming pool, lose weight.Why is this happening?The fact that is important for weight loss and length of the voyage, and style, and active movement.To lose weight is not enough to hold in the water some 10 minutes.You should strive to burn maximum calories.It should also be noted that the result of training in the pool may vary.The main factor - it is muscle mass.The more muscle mass a person has, the faster to burn calories.

course in the pool you can just swim, especially without straining.Such pressures make it possible to gradually get rid of excess weight.It is known that even just keeping yourself afloat for one hour, you can burn about 300 calories.But there are special programs that allow you to accelerate the process of losing weight.There are two main areas - the program of swimming and water aerobics.

swimming program for weight loss To lose weight

, swimming in the pool, you need to understand a few simple rules.

Rule 1 .Always stay afloat.Only DC voltage allows the body to spend more calories.You should not hold on to the ledge.Of course, with extreme fatigue or uncertain voyage can take a break, but not for long and not too often.

Rule 2 .We must constantly move actively.Fat is burned only if your heart rate would be between 130 to 160 beats per minute.Thus, in an hour you can burn from 600 to 1300 kcal.To move actively, to choose a certain style of swimming.The most effective style - a butterfly.If it is too heavy for you, try the crawl style.It is less energy consumption, but also helps to quickly burn calories.

Rule 3 .Styles swimming needs to be changed.For example, you can swim in the 5-minute style butterfly and the next 5-10 minutes - in the style crawl.If you are tired, you can go to breaststroke or backstroke.Then repeat all around.

Rule 4 .Do not eat after playing in the pool.It is usually quite difficult to comply with.But try not to eat within an hour after visiting the pool.Your body will continue to burn fat.

Rule 5 .Each session should last at least 30 minutes.Engage need 2-3 times a week.

Aqua aerobics


Aqua aerobics - aerobics is the same, but only in water.That is, you need to make rhythmic dance moves while in the water.These classes are a lot of pluses.There are cases where women are regularly attending classes, get rid of the weight up to 15 kilograms with the help of only one aqua-aerobics.

aqua aerobics, you can do almost everything.It is perfect for people with obesity.With a large overweight, many simple standard exercises are contraindicated, because of the large weight gain is a strong impact on the joints.In the pool you are supported by the water, that will offload the spine and joints.

Very full women in water psychologically easier to deal with.They do not mind their extra weight as the water it does not focus.In addition, aqua aerobics leave no ill effects, as it is after the usual aerobics or fitness.Uniform water pressure does not allow to accumulate lactic acid, relieving you of pain.

So, pool - it's a great way to lose weight , enhance your mood and improve your overall emotional background.So do not wait for the summer, take a swimsuit, towel - and forward to a healthy lifestyle and a perfect figure!

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