The program in the gym for girls

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The program in the gym for girls

In recent years, more and more girls attending gyms.List the pros visits to the gym can be infinite.Here and excellent health, slim figure, cheerful mood.Classes at the gym to help normalize the metabolism and hormonal balance.As a result, not only the body is strong and fit.It improves complexion, activates the production of collagen, which slows down the formation of wrinkles, pimples and irritation disappear.It is noticed that people who are accustomed to the sport, suffer less depression.In addition, physical activity - it is a great way to "cleanse" the mind of useless thoughts that swarm in my head.

Cardio or Weight Training?

More often women go to the gym for one purpose - to lose weight.However, by themselves do not give training effect.Indeed, the development of muscle mass leads to faster metabolism and burn fat.But mindless workout can cause the muscles Pumped by a layer of fat.Therefore, a visit to the gym should be accompanied by a reasonable balance

d diet.

long thought that cardio are best for burning fat.In the gym there are many cardiovascular equipment - treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, etc.However, lately the coaches come to a unanimous opinion - achieve the best results in the burning of fat can only be alternating between cardio and strength exercises.

program in the gym to lose weight

This program is suitable not only wishing to lose weight.It is aimed more at improving endurance and elaborate muscle groups.This training will not make you "bullies", but only give the body relief and harmony.

The program in the gym for girls

If you have never played sports, visits to the gym can be for 1-3 weeks to perform exercises aimed at the general strengthening of the body.This program is designed for beginners and includes power exercises three times a week.Of course, a break between training sessions should be 1-2 days.If you are well prepared, between classes you can do aerobic exercise.

Training in the gym to start with warm-up .Five minutes can be devoted to cardio, then do the workout properly warming up the body and developing joints.Sometimes coaches are advised to do abdominal exercises and hyperextension.This means the muscles of the lumbar, which worked out exercises with straightening the back in position at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor.For their performance has a special trainer - incline bench with a foot lock.The program is divided into three classes for weekly workouts.

The training program is divided into three days.Work should be in the form of supersets.Supersets commonly referred to as a combination of several exercises for different muscle groups, which are carried out in sequence without interruption.The most common superset 2 exercises that are designed to work muscle groups that perform opposite functions.Men sometimes perform 3-4 exercises in the superset.But in this case, use heavier weights for muscle growth.We also need to get rid of the fat and make the body more slender and a little relief.Therefore superset 9 will include exercise, but with smaller weights.The load must be chosen so that the last two times in the approach given with difficulty.

So, you perform one after the other without interruption and approaches on different simulators.Then rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat the same thing.Total sets should be 3.

first day of training

During the first training the number of repetitions in each set is 20. Do they need to be on a racing pulse.The first exercise - it is a Smith machine squats.Then - the deadlift with straight legs, which would require the bar.At this time, tighten the rear thigh muscles.The third exercise is thrust to the chest on the upper block, which helps to work the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms.To make slender thighs and buttocks, move on to the flexion and extension of the legs lying face down.The fifth exercise - a dumbbell bent arm to the lower part of the chest in an inclined position.Continuing to work on the arms and shoulders, you need to install a bench at an angle of 60 degrees and perform bench press using dumbbells.Seventh exercise - Rod lever - performed while sitting.We need to pull over and return to the place of arms, thus training the muscles of the back and shoulders and biceps.The next exercise - raising hands with dumbbells in the slope.Well, the last - allocating feet on the traction, which allows you to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and the press.

The program in the gym for girls

second training

second workout consists of exercises for the muscles of the chest and back.It allows you to make a beautiful posture, waist - slim and his chest - tightened.Starts training with bench, sitting at an angle of 60 degrees (10 times).Then go to the chest to pull the upper unit (12 times).The third exercise - bench press with dumbbells in the supine position (12 times), the fourth - pull the dumbbell to the lower part of the chest gymnastic bench (12 times).The fifth exercise is called "butterfly", it is a dilution of hands with dumbbells in a sitting position tilted back 60 degrees (12 times).Then you need to pull back to the chest on the top shelf, but the back and a narrow grip (12 times).Seventh exercise - reduction of the hands on a simulator (15 times).Eighth - pull the belt on the lower block in a sitting position (15 times).Then, the so-called "pullover" - lying on his back on the bench, you need to have joined hands behind his head and take them dumbbell.Exercise is lifting dumbbells up to the level of the forehead and hands back to the starting position (15 times).At the end you need to do exercises thrust down the straight arms, it will help to work the latissimus dorsi and triceps (15 times).

The program in the gym for girls

third training

This exercise is aimed at strengthening the lower body, shoulders and arms.First, you need to do 10-12 attacks, making a step forward and bending your knees.They help to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and legs.The second exercise - deadlift with straight legs (12 times).Third - reduction of the legs sitting on the simulator (15-20 times).The fourth exercise may seem unusual at first, and even heavy.It is necessary to perform 20 jumps from position poluprisyada with wide spread legs.Now for the training of hands and shoulder complex.The next exercise - a bench dumbbell sitting at a right angle (10).Then you need to make 12 times the familiar "butterfly".Seventh exercise - it is lifting arms with dumbbells to the sides (12 times).Continuing to train the arms and shoulders, to do 12 pushups reverse, and then - 12 leads hands with dumbbells in an inclined position.The last exercise - it is thrust down on the block with study triceps.

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