Home workouts at the gym.

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Home workouts in the gym

Sooner or later, in every man's life there comes an important point - the first hike in the gym.No matter whether you want to lose weight or just strengthen muscles and improve well-being, at first everything will seem unusual and a bit scary.The first time is better to turn to the coach.But to go to the gym totally unprepared, too, not worth it.You need to know the basic rules in the gym - how to warm up, what do you want this or that device, how to eat, etc.In addition, contact the coach is not always possible for one reason or another.It may be busy, or move at a time.You should not waste time, start with the easiest exercise.

How to start training

start training you need to get acquainted with the basic types of exercises.But first it is to warm up the body.Warm-up - it is almost the most important part of the course.Imagine what state are our muscles and joints used to the sitting position.The whole body is numb, and making even a light workout, you can dis

cover at the muscle groups, which do not even suspect.Start making serious exercise without warm-up is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.Chances to get a crick.At the same time a good warm up your muscles more responsive to the load, and eventually the result of training appears much faster.

Start training in the gym: warm

Post workout possible with cardiovascular equipment.It aggregates that allow move slightly warm up without heavy loads.The easiest cardio equipment are considered bikes.More efforts are required treadmills.You can use the so-called steppers - it simulators that allow you to do more complex footwork.They would combine the treadmill and exercise bike.You do both translational and circular motion feet.To use the stepper to be careful, it is best to contact the instructor or other knowledgeable person.To warm up on the cardio equipment is enough 5 minutes.

then you can go to Mahama, rotation and stretching.This is the usual warm-up, which all had physical education classes at school.Start with the neck, then go to the shoulder complex, elbows and wrists.It is important to properly stretch your lumbar region, with intensive training is accounting for the majority of injuries and sprains.Do leaned forward and to the sides, backbends, side stretching, twisting, rotational motion of the body.Then go to the hips, knees and feet.

main types of exercises in the gym

Home workouts in the gym

After the workout should move to a more serious exercise in the gym.Beginners should abandon the idea once engaged with barbells at the gym and with his weight.It is better to use weight machines with the ability to regulate body weight.Expose it so that it was possible to do 15-20 exercises for one approach without undue effort.Usually begins with the large muscle groups - thighs, back, chest, shoulders and arms.You yourself can choose where to strengthen the load.

To exercise the muscles of the hips and legs are straightening and bending the legs, as well as the abduction of legs back.For each of the exercises in the hall should be a separate simulator.Thus, you engage the muscles of the front and back of the thighs and buttocks.

After these exercises, you can go to the strain on the back.To begin with the simulator with a thrust block from the top down, with the head, wide grip.The second exercise is aimed at training the extensor muscles, the so-called hyperextension.You hook your feet at an angle to the floor and start doing the slopes down the back straight, then return to starting position.At the same time, and train your abdominal muscles.Here you can do abdominal exercises with his feet on a special bench, bending at an angle of 90 degrees at the knees.

You can then go to the complex exercises on the shoulders.This includes bench sitting up and breeding hands to the sides.To exercise the arm muscles are doing bench presses downward and curls using dumbbells.

This is the minimum set of exercises, which would be enough for the novice.Later, you can increase the load, using simulators and try to control other units.The main thing - do not overdo it.Otherwise, aching muscles the next day may repel all desire to go to the gym ever again.

Terms workouts for beginners

Before you go to the gym, you need to thoroughly learn a few basic rules, without which your workout will not be as effective.

Rule 1. Warm up.
With this rule, you are already familiar with.It only remains to add that they should not be neglected.Even if you are late or in a hurry, it is better to limit the number of weight training, but the workout will still need to make.

Rule 2. The duration of training.
Beginners usually enthusiastic and willing to spend half a day in the gym.Note that exercise duration should not exceed 75 minutes.Beginners should limit the time to exercise 45-60 minutes.After this time, the effectiveness of exercise strongly decreases and triggers exhaustion.You will feel that you work out perfectly, but the next day, the loss of strength and muscle peretruzhennye will be felt.
why this time should be used with advantage.Between sets should take no more than 60-90 seconds.Between exercises - 3-5 minutes.Sometimes a friend go to the gym together and between exercises discuss the latest news.This is not a good idea because not only lost valuable time, but also concentration and muscle cooled worse respond to the load.

Rule 3. Diet.
Adjust your diet so that there are approximately 1.5-2 hours before exercise.In the gym you have to come to full, but not overloaded with heavy food.During the lessons you can drink clean water at room temperature.Carbonated drinks are banned because they only increase the thirst and contain carbon dioxide, which can cause discomfort during exercise.Cold water can lead to inflammation of the throat.

Rule 4. The right clothing.
Clothing for training should be primarily a sports and comfortable.Give up the idea of ​​home breeches tied with shoe strings.Ideal - sweatpants uncluttered not fetter movements and elastic T-shirt or a large T-shirt.On foot you can only wear sneakers.Other Shoes (shoes, Gym shoes, sports slippers) can interfere with the proper fixation of the simulator.

With all these rules, and engaging in regular, pretty soon you will be able to achieve good results.Typically, after only a couple of weeks people notice improvement of health.After about 5-6 weeks, the first changes begin to occur in the muscles.And after 3-4 months you'll notice that the body was slim and fit.

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