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Fitness equipment

summer, people rarely think of gyms fitness centers.This is the time when the movement and heat so that the status of the figures simply no time to think.Hiking and cycling with your friends, a trip to warmer climes, swimming, picnicking and hiking - all this, unfortunately, ends with the summer.Together with the fall comes the blues.Body movement requests.And where can I get it, if not in gyms?Nowadays, almost every street you can find a fitness facility, c number of different simulators.Experienced instructors will help to understand their diversity, will pick up the individual program.

But if you want to understand yourself in all these bulky devices become better acquainted with their main views.Selection of the simulator depends on the purpose of your visit to the fitness center.Whether you want to lose weight or, conversely, to gain muscle mass.You may just want to stay in shape?Often people come to gyms to "pull" a particular portion of the body, that is, t

o strengthen the muscles in a certain area.In any case, a beautiful relief of the body still has not stopped anyone.And the mood of visiting the gym markedly increased.

So, fitness equipment are divided into two main groups - weights and cardiovascular equipment.In this article you will learn about each of these groups - for which they are intended, as a function, and what kinds they are divided.


Recently gyms intended only for people who seriously enthusiasm for the sport.Now, anyone can buy a subscription for a month and engaged at the pace and with the load, which he likes.It's no secret that most women's fitness centers to lose weight.On the slim figure dreams of each, but to achieve their goals on their own is not easy.But in the fitness rooms have wonderful devices that can help.They are called cardio.

prefix "cardio" means "heart".Indeed, these simulators help strengthen the cardiovascular system.In addition, they have special sensors capable of reading the heart muscle, thereby adjusting the load on the body.This is a very important moment in the process of losing weight.Weak load or overload cause malfunctions in the metabolism, which leads to accumulation of fat.A normalization of metabolic processes in the body results in a tone that promotes weight loss.Such simulators are aimed not so much to increase muscle mass as the body to increase endurance.The body becomes leaner, more flexible, stronger.

Cardio come in various types.The most common treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, and elliptical trainers.

course, the treadmill is the most popular among fans kardionagruzok.It is a natural form of movement for people.In general, it can be replaced by a conventional jogging.But we all know what it is - every morning and evening in the rain or snow to go out for jogging.It is often not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.Running in the winter cold can turn into a serious colds, much like stray dogs do not like the runners, they know everything.Modern treadmills come with an array of devices that make a run nice and helpful.Cardiosensor transmit information about your pulse simulator, and he himself controls the load.A special cushioning system reduces the load on the spine, which can not be avoided while running.

Bikes Bikes are great for weight loss.Loads of them are strong enough.To burn 500 calories, enough to twist pedals only 40 minutes.Further, such simulators are able to independently adjust the load on the heart.

Modern devices have different modes - for beginners, experienced cyclists and even for athletes.For people with large body mass sell special trainers with a support on the back.When classes on a stationary bike a nice bonus to get rid of excess weight would be to strengthen the back muscles, legs and normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Steppers Steppers - a small exercise equipment, enabling to tighten the leg muscles and buttocks.Especially popular are they among women.Stepper acts as if you were climbing up the stairs.Each step - one step.The simulator can set the frequency steps, focusing on the human heart rate.

Elliptical trainers
Perhaps the most interesting kind of cardio are elliptical trainers.The man at the same time and makes the steps and circular motion feet.It turns out that this device combines the advantages of the treadmill, stationary bike and stepper.And move your legs, you can do both forward and backward, covering all the muscles of the pelvis, legs and back.Also, the elliptical exerciser has special handles, they can simultaneously train the region arms, shoulders, chest and back.Thus, this simulator is the most versatile.

Strength Training Strength Training

suited to those who want not just to stay in shape, but also to give your body some relief, that is, pump up certain muscle groups.However, experienced fitness instructors recommend to alternate cardio with power.This makes it easier to lose weight and get in shape.

Species strength training set.This bench, and power frames and multistantsii, and much more.They can be practiced standing, sitting, lying down and in limbo.Typically, power trainers are divided into three groups - with free weights, with built-in weights and exercise equipment, which uses the weight of the trainee's.

Beginners most popular fitness equipment with built-in weights.Georgia is located on the metal bars.Man presses a certain leverage, applies a force to the load rose.These simulators are the most secure, because they allow you to train only one muscle group.Therefore, new to the world of sport will not experience congestion.Species in these simulators set.For example, you can lift the legs when lying down flat lever, or sitting in a special chair, to reduce leverage and raise his hands towards the chest and back.

But experienced athletes are more like simulators with free weights.Usually it is the bar with pancakes, dumbbells.This equipment allows to load multiple muscle groups.Moreover, with their help athletes develop a sense of balance, trying to keep the shell in a position of equilibrium.Often, these simulators are used by men.However, if you want a woman, too, can enjoy themselves in such training.

Ironically, the most effective are the simplest exercise equipment.It is familiar to us from childhood benches, horizontal bars and stuff.That is, they allow you to do the exercises, using a load weight of your own body.Professional athletes often choose just such simulators.They allow you to not only build muscle, but also make the body more resilient, flexible and relief.During training, they work multiple muscle groups.

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