Interval training: technique, features and benefits.

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Interval training

Interval training

interval training as the name implies, involves alternating load.For this reason, this type of training is often referred to as the circular, that is, all the exercises are done one after the other in a circle.It is believed that interval training significantly increase the overall efficiency of the exercise , which is important for professional athletes, especially in preparation for a competition or just for those who care about their health and figure.

Interval training: technique, especially

Interval training combines two kinds of polar loads .The first type - is the active phase, aimed at the expenditure of muscular energy.The second type - the recovery phase, during which the energy expended by the body is reduced due to the conversion of carbohydrates and fats.Alternating loads, you first do a high intensity, then for some time slow down the pace, and then rises again, and so on.According to experts, interval training is not only m

ore effective than, for example, normal running, but also have a very beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and allow complex work through all the major muscle groups.

filling each phase interval training can be different and depends on the specific pursued your goals and personal preferences of sports.For example, during the active phase can be: run, jump in place, jump rope, engaged in the steppes ride bikes, energetic dance, running along the bottom of the pool (in the case of intermittent water aerobics) and so on.While for the recovery forces can be wasted: lunges, push-ups, squats, or just with the body bar, doing exercises with dumbbells, twist the press and so on.Followed by a minimum rest easy, and it all starts again.

advantages of interval training

advantage interval training , in addition to their high efficiency, is also in the fact that they do not allow the body to get used to a particular type of exercise and, therefore, provide a full load on the entire body as a whole.In addition, it introduces a certain variety in the training process, makes a person more stamina and allows you to burn more calories.

For one interval training ordinary person, not a professional athlete, monitored by his personal trainer, it is desirable to perform intervals of 5-10 each type of load.Depending on your fitness level duration of each interval can be changed, but the main thing is that at the initial stage of the intensive phase was shorter than the replacement, during which the muscles are saturated with oxygen, the heart rate is included in the rate and lactic acid in the muscles, breaks.In the future it will be possible to gradually move to a more active phase of the long period and short recovery period, which generally allows to perform the work with greater intensity.

Interval training is optimal for those who wish to quickly achieve the maximum effect : lose weight or toned body.However, they are not designed for permanent occupation by them, the best is the alternation of four weeks of interval training with the same amount of conventional sports training.

interval hypoxic training

effective addition to a variety of physical training, according to scientific experts, this is a modern design as interval hypoxic training .They increase the stability of the human body to external factors, prevent aging, increase vitality, and are used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.Furthermore, they do not give adverse effects are not considered medication treatment method are not doping and can be applied even to critical events athletes to enhance their endurance.

essence of interval hypoxic training , also called intermittent hypoxic therapy is to ensure that the patient is asked to inhale air alternately with low oxygen content, an analogue of the mountain air, and then the usual, familiar to him air.At the same time in response to changing concentrations of inspired oxygen positive changes in the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system.Short-term lack of oxygen stimulates the protective mechanisms, relaxes smooth muscles, improves blood circulation and has a relaxing effect.

cycle interval hypoxic training is recommended for chronic diseases - asthma, bronchitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, peptic ulcer, diabetes and so on.They also help women in the menstrual cycle and menopause syndrome, and men with erectile dysfunction manifestations.Such common nowadays problems like obesity, insomnia, depression, too, can be treated with interval hypoxic training.In plastic surgery this method is used to alleviate stress and emotional pain, accelerate the healing process and reduce the likelihood of post-operative complications.In addition, the rate of hypoxic helps with various types of allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis and acne in people of all ages.

On average, a prophylactic course of intermittent hypoxic treatment is 10 to 20 treatments, medical same course may last longer, but it must necessarily take place under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Until recently, hypoxic professional equipment is fairly expensive, and therefore the treatment of this kind could go only in special medical centers.But now there gipoksikatory new generation, which are suitable for home use.Their price in the international market of the order of thousands of dollars, and they do not require maintenance and are easy to operate.

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