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Elliptical Trainer: types and someone recommended

Elliptical Trainer Elliptical trainers

belong to the category of cardio on a par with steppers, riders, treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing.In fact, the elliptic simulators are somewhere between these species in combination with other additional features.

Like any other cardio, elliptical models are intended primarily to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve respiratory and intensive burning of fat.

Feature elliptical trainers is that they provide an elliptical trajectory of the pedals, providing the ability to perform movements both forward and backward.This involves a complex effect on the majority of groups of muscles (calf, hip, back, chest), a decrease in total body weight and improving body tone.

addition, elliptical trainers contribute to the constitution that over time will increase the time and intensity of training.

Elliptical trainers rapidly gaining popularity especially among women, as they are considered an effective alternative

to shaping or fitness.With the help of so-called "elliptical step" are utilized purposefully problem areas, and manages to work out the places that fitness - exercise is not amenable at all.

Slimming on elliptical trainer

elliptical trainer - this is the ideal way to lose weight, of course, in conjunction with a sensible diet and a healthy lifestyle.

known that a reduction in body fat results in excess consumption of calories on their consumption.When you reach a good intensity workouts on the elliptical trainer - the maximum number of calories burned.For ease of calculation, most manufacturers supply their products special monitor that displays expend calories.

There are also models elliptical trainer with programs designed specifically to combat cellulite.Monitor the computer itself will provide the necessary distance, time, and type of training to achieve results in the optimum time.

Elliptical Trainer - indications

elliptical trainer one of the few trainers that thanks to its smooth, unhurried cyclical movements, is recommended for people with various diseases of the joints and spine.Creating a moderate burden on all the major muscle groups, ligaments and tendons, such as knee and ankle joints, this type of simulator allows you to tighten the stomach, strengthen the abs and give the skin firmness and elasticity.Busy on the elliptical trainer without limitation allowed people of different ages and with any degree of physical fitness.This is possible due to the flexible adjustment load simulator and high safety drills.

home elliptical trainer

presence of multiple functions, technical perfection and apparent health benefits - the main reasons that the elliptical trainer rapidly gaining the title of "the best home treadmill."Its benefits also include compactness and portability, making it easy to transport and accommodation in the home.Some models even supplied with wheels, for movement in the apartment.

jogging, skiing and a number of gymnastic exercises - something that at times do not have enough time, modern woman with success and an equivalent benefit may replace workout on the elliptical trainer , which is always at hand.

choosing the appropriate mode, you can simulate a bike ride, walking the stairs, running at different speeds, and so on, all without leaving your home.

Forms elliptical trainer

There are three kinds of elliptical trainers : mechanical, magnetic, and electromagnetic.

mechanical models - the most simple, is not technically complicated and, therefore, cheap trainers.Design features do not provide sufficient fluidity of movement, as the simulator is driven by the man himself, and can not be called silent.Its advantages - price, light weight, compactness (after training can be folded and removed) and independence from the electricity.

based magnetic elliptical trainer models laid magnetic braking system.This provides greater running smoothness and lack of sound effects.They are also relatively inexpensive price, but at the same time provide an opportunity to establish different degrees of exercise load and braking without jerking.Their additional advantage - a variety of types of training.

main feature electromagnetic elliptical trainer - is the presence of an electromagnetic braking system.It is not dependent on the rotation of the pedals, and controlled by a computer processor.It is the most modern and versatile kind of elliptical trainers.His computer may itself choose the appropriate load, which will be the best option for achieving the desired result.Electromagnetic model, of course, the most expensive, but it is absolutely silent, wear-resistant and durable.

Price elliptical trainers can vary by tens of times.The easiest exercise machine for home use, allowing to carry out such exercises as a step, running, skiing and biking can do only 6 000, for example Orbitrek Atemi AE201 Taiwanese production.The upper price limit up to several hundred thousand, such as Vision S7200 HRT - top model home line American company Vision, standing 153 890 rubles.For the price the producers have invested in it the latest technological innovations and achievements in the study of the biomechanics of movement.With this simulator can simulate a walk through the hills, you can select a program to burn fat in this area, but you can just work on burning calories.