Bosu hemisphere is: what is it?

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Bosu hemisphere

Bosu hemisphere: it

Bosu-hemisphere is a special fitness equipment.This is a plastic platform, the diameter of which is about 63 cm. For transport at its base is provided with two handles.It is a rubber dome, a hemisphere, a height of about 30 cm. It can be said that outwardly resembles a bare half feetball.

It is possible to stand, jump, balance, board, build.All this can be done on both sides, using a simulator base up and down.It is thanks to this feature bare got its name, which comes from the abbreviation of Both Side Use - «used on both sides."The difficulty of training on bare depends on the degree of hardness.The stiffness can be easily adjusted.This requires a little bleed the air.

story of bosu-hemisphere

Bosu-hemisphere is the result of creative manufacturers of fitness equipment.Already long ago it began the evolution of the fitness unstable platforms.The prototype of the modern bare was released in late 1999. It was designed for professional

athletes.On such simulators are engaged in the American volleyball players, hockey players, members of the US team in alpine skiing and snowboarding.

The earliest ancestor bosu-hemisphere can be called a board that could mimic the movements of the skier during the descent.She moved from side to side.Then there was a circular platform that was installed on the bearing.She could swing in all directions.At present, many fitness clubs offer their customers a workout on Cor platforms and bare.They are produced by competing manufacturers.

Application bosu-hemisphere

Bosu-hemisphere can be used for different types of workouts.With it, you can even download the muscle, though it was not originally created for that.In addition, the Russian fitness clubs bare often used as a kind of step-platform.

Strength training using bosu-hemisphere is a form of functional training.Such training gives the opportunity to work the deep muscles, which in the human body there are about 500. But they would not be used in conventional strength training.Work with these muscles is necessary in order to improve the condition of the spine, which will improve overall health.In addition, training on this simulator to help get rid of muscle imbalance and learn to better manage their own bodies.

Quite often used for bare and cardio.As the name suggests, it's about training the heart muscle.Pressures in these classes far more than is the case with normal aerobics.This is due to the fact that it takes a person has to keep the balance further.

Can bosu-hemisphere help stretch and learn to maintain balance.

Recently, as is the development of individual fields of application bosu-hemisphere - mastering yoga asanas with it.

particularly shown training with the help of bosu-hemisphere those people who are fond of skating, skiing or snowboarding.It helps to strengthen the ankle and develop a sense of balance.

employment rights on the bosu-hemisphere

During lessons on bosu-hemisphere must be careful not to get injured.There are also a number of features, which all need to know in advance who plans to use his bare.

Firstly, one can immediately start with difficult exercises.From the simple need to gradually move to more complex.Study of deep muscles should start with very simple exercises.Then, when the muscles get used razogreyut and need to complicate the task.

Secondly, on bosu-hemisphere can not be engaged at a rapid pace.It can only by experienced professionals.Movement of the common man during exercise should be slow.If you start to ride on his bare all the time to increase the pace, it will almost inevitably lead to disastrous consequences such as dislocations and sprains.

Outfitting for training on bosu-hemisphere

avoid injury during training will help special shoes for fitness.It must have high shoes with non-slip soles that protect the ankle.

rest Clothes can be any, but it should not hamper movement.

also need a heart rate monitor, which indicates the target area and will signal when you need to slow down.

beginners who have not yet learned to keep a good balance can be recommended: to engage on his bare next to the machine.You can also just put next to something, what you can grasp in the case of loss of balance.

Classes on bosu-hemisphere

Trainers bosu-hemisphere today are sold in large sports stores.Those interested can purchase bare and engaged in their own homes.But before the training should learn the exercises and learn how to balance on the platform.To do this you must first get to the center of the dome and feel the simulator.Then you need to close your eyes and try as much as possible to keep balance without using their hands.The next step could be a foot in the direction of the movement.However, the movement should be smooth and not sharp and strong.

may be engaged on bare all, it does not require any prior training.Bos is a lot like step aerobics.These training exercises are many similar, but there are no complicated choreographic combinations.

During the lessons, the coach should instruct engaged, in line with their age and level.People are coming of age and those who have joint problems, you should avoid complex movements and a large number of jumps.

First, almost all involved experience some discomfort in the ankle, in fact, it accounts for the largest load.To facilitate adaptation and to avoid injury, you must try to put the foot parallel to the center of the hemisphere.Your knees should be half-bent.

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